How to Unlock Bootloader on Any ZTE Android Device

To truly take control of your ZTE Android device, you need to unlock bootloader. Unlocking the bootloader opens the gates for device modifications. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock bootloader on ZTE Android device. ZTE bootloader unlock is a pretty straightforward process; read ahead to know more.

ZTE makes some of the finest Android smartphones. Their presence may not be global but its users absolutely love the device. One of their latest offerings, the ZTE Axon 7, has gained a bit of cult following in recent times. All the Android phones come with an unlocked bootloader for security purposes. The Bootloader runs the very moment you turn on your Android device. The code initializes the kernel and ramdisk thereby initiating the booting process of the phone. The process of bootloader unlock is different for different devices. Some manufacturers make it very tough and some make is pretty straightforward. Fortunately, ZTE falls into the second category. In this guide, we will help you unlock bootloader on any ZTE device.

Unlock Bootloader ZTE 1 • How to Unlock Bootloader on Any ZTE Android Device

Unlock Bootloader on ZTE Device

You may be wondering, why there is a need to unlock bootloader on your brand new ZTE device. Well, the answer is simple. Do you want to take full control of your device? Then unlock its bootloader.


We all know that having root access to Android device let the user take full control of the device. As depicted in the above picture, unlocking bootloader is the very first step in the direction of customizing your ZTE Android device to your need.

Reasons to Unlock Bootloader on ZTE device

Below are a few perks of having an unlocked bootloader on your ZTE Android device:

  1. You can install a custom recovery such as TWRP.
  2. You can root your ZTE Android device.
  3. You can install custom ROMs.
  4. You can install themes on your device.
  5. You can block ads.
  6. You can install tons of mods such as ViPER4Android, ARISE Sound System MOD, etc.
  7. Much more!


  1. Make a complete backup of your device before proceeding. This process will completely wipe your ZTE device: Guide to Backup Android Device Without Root
  2. Make sure you have the latest ZTE Android USB Drivers.
  3. Make sure you have ADB and Fastboot installed on your PC: Download and Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot
  4. Make sure you have at least 60% of charge left on your device.

Proceed with caution. The Author or shall not be held responsible for bricked phones or broken hearts or nuclear holocaust.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader on Any ZTE Android Device

    1. Enable Developer Options on your ZTE device: Go to Settings > About > Software information > More > Tap on build number 7 or 8 times until you see a message ‘You are now a developer’ or something similar.
    2. Enable OEM Unlock: Go to Settings > Developer options > Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock.
    3. Connect your ZTE device to your PC via USB Cable. If the drivers are getting installed, wait for the process to complete.
    4. Go to the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed and open a command window from inside the folder.
      ⇒ Hold down Shift Key + Right Click on the empty space inside the folder and select ‘Open command window here’ or ‘Open PowerShell window here’.ADB-Fastboot-Open-Command-Window
    5. Execute the following command on the command window:
      adb devices
    6. If you see an ‘Allow USB Debugging?’ prompt on your device: Enable the ‘Always allow form this computer’ and press ‘OK’.Allow-USB-Debugging
    7. Next, execute the below command to reboot your device:
      adb reboot bootloader
    8. Once you are in bootloader mode, execute the below command to see if fastboot drivers are properly installed:
      fastboot devices
    9. If all the drivers are properly installed, the device will be listed after executing the above command. Fastboot-devicesIf the phone is not listed as shown in the image above, then there is a problem with fastboot driver installation. This has to be fixed before proceeding further.
    10. If the fastboot drivers are in place, execute the following command to unlock bootloader of your ZTE device:
      fastboot oem unlock

      Remember, the above command will completely wipe your device.

    11. Once the above command finishes executing, run the below command to reboot your device:
      fastboot reboot
    12. Wait for the phone to boot up. It may take a lit bit longer than usual, do not worry.

This is the easiest way to unlock bootloader on ZTE Android device. If you need any help with ZTE Bootloader Unlock, do let us know in the comments below!

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  6. The first step, we enter the software program interface you’ll be able to see you will discover a total of six selections. We choose our own must recover the sub-column. Here we click around the accidentally deleted files.

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