How To Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

YouTube is the most popular video consuming platform in the world. If you regularly use YouTube on Android, we have got good news for you. Now, you can enable Dark Mode on YouTube on Android. Read ahead to know how to enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android.

Video streaming services suddenly made its way into the entertainment industry and are successfully spreading all over the world. The services like Netflix, Google play movies, Amazon Prime etc are the most famous ones. The thing that is common for all these services is the user interface. The App is made to be highly user-friendly. YouTube is a video streaming service that is one of its kind. There are no other services as versatile as YouTube due to the features they provide for its users. You can even monetize your YouTube channel and make money with respect to the contents you produce. There are several drawbacks to YouTube. One is its visual user interface.  Imagine a situation where you watch movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime at ‘Night’. You can switch between the night mode and default mode so that you can watch the contents without making you ‘blind’. But instead, if you are using YouTube at night, the white background can cause irritation in your eye and that is bad news for YouTube because it is a deal-breaker for most of the users.

It seems that Google isn’t really a fan of dark themes. This fact is evident in the Apps they release except for the Android KitKat releases and Play movies where they have implemented slightly darker themes. A lot of users have requested the Dark theme for the YOuTube and most of them were expecting this most awaited change by the release of Android Oreo. But unfortunately, this doesn’t happen.  But recently there were rumors about the new project that Google is involved in with the aim to introduce a Dark theme for YouTube. The rumors proved to be true and Google announced the release of the newest update which contains the Dark Theme. But sadly the updates are not currently available for Android devices but only for IOS-based Apple devices. This seems ridiculous when you consider the fact that Android is owned by Google and Google even has its own Android-based device which is Pixel. If you are one of the Android users who wish for the Dark Theme in Android, then we got you covered in this post because we never let you down.


  • You should have an Android device that is already ‘Rooted’.
  • The device should have enabled the ‘Unknown sources’ feature.
  • An active internet connection.
  • And obviously, the memory to install a third-party application known as the preference manager.
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What is a ‘Preference manager app’?

The preference manager is a third party application you will have to download into your rooted android device. The preference manager app is developed by FireFly. Preference Manager is an open-source project from FireFly, that can modify the preferences of the apps that you use that the app doesn’t even provide. The apps stores its data as an XML file in a private folder and by making use of the root access the preference app can sneak into and modify the files that you wish for. The user interface makes the whole process hassle-free.

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Steps To Enable Dark Mode On YouTube Using Preference Manager.

  1. Download Preference manager Application. You can download Preference manager from the link: 
    Preferences Manager
    Price: Free
  2. Launch the application on your Android Device.
  3. Scroll through the list of Applications in the Preference manager application and select YouTube.
  4. Click on the search icon and search for “dark”. As you can see in the screenshot, the values are found to be ‘false’ by default and so you should change it to ‘True’.
  5. If you do not find any result when you search for ‘dark’ then click on the + icon and select boolean. Then add key value as ‘theme_dark_app’. The toggle should be turned on and tap on the add button to add the value.
  6.  Similarly, add the second value ‘theme_dark_watch_panel’ again set it to ‘True’.

Once you done with the above steps, exit the app and Force stop YouTube Application. To do this go to Settings > Application manager > YouTube > Force stop. Next time when you open the YouTube app, you will the YouTube App in Dark Mode.

This is the easiest way to get YouTube Dark Mode on Android right now. Tell us how you are liking the Dark Mode on Youtube!

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