Collection of Xposed Modules for Android Nougat

One of the major reasons why people (including me) root their phones is because of the Xposed Framework. It is insanely powerful, yet, so simple to install and use. Any type of customization you can probably imagine is probably already available through the Xposed Framework. After a long wait, Xposed is finally available for Android Nougat devices; both the 7.0 and 7.1.1 versions. It is very important to note that this not the official version from the Original Developer rovo89. The team behind Purify OS Custom ROM has taken upon this task of porting the Xposed Framework to the latest Android version.

Xposed Framework for Nougat: Download and Installation Guide


As the Xposed Nougat is still in its early stages, not all the Xposed Modules are working at the moment. Please note that Xposed for Nougat is in constant development and support of more modules will be added in the upcoming updates.

This article is continuously updated as support for more modules are added with every update for Xposed Framework for Nougat. Do come back for more!

Xposed Modules for Android Nougat

Below is a list of all the Xposed Modules that work properly on the Android Nougat 7.0 and 7.1.1 devices:

1. MinMinGuard

MinMinGuard can completely remove both the ads inside apps and the empty space caused by those ads. Conventional ads removing apps are only able to block the ad content, but the space taken by the ad will still remain unused (black). MinMinGuard successfully removes that black space, which extends the app window and makes your user-experience better!

2. YouTube AdAway

his is a simple Xposed module to help you get rid of ads on the official YouTube App, it also supports YouTube TV/Gaming/Kids

3. Statusbar Download Progress

Tired of pulling down notification shade every time you want to check the progress of ongoing download? This xposed module allows you to have the progress of your ongoing download in front of your eyes; saving you from interrupting your current activity every time you want to check for progress.

4. Native Clipboard

his module will add clipboard management functionality to the text selection menu.
You can also access it by long clicking on the PASTE button. And on Marshmallow a dedicated button is added (so no need for long clicking paste). Long clicking on a clip will open it in a bigger view, which is scrollable and has the time of copying. Clicking on the large view will paste, also double tapping will let you edit and add a title.

5. YouTube Background Playback

This module enables background playback on YouTube official app. You can start a video and then minimize the YouTube and simply listen to the audio alone.

6. Fingerprint Enabler

With Android 6, Google has introduced restrictions in the way fingerprint scanner can be accessed. After switching on your device or if the app is locked by a third party app, you need to enter the PINPassword once before you can use the Finger Print scanner. This module eliminates these restrictions.

7. Amplify – Battery Extender

This is the Xposed Module for the Amplify App available for Android on the Google Play Store. If you don’t have it installed, go ahead and install it on your phone. You can download the Xposed Module below:

Do note that, for the Xposed Module to work, you need to move the Amplify App to system/priv-app folder and set proper permissions and restart your device.

8. NSFW Gboard

Google’s Gboard won’t let you search for NSFW GIFs, but this Xposed module changes that.

9. XInsta

This module is based on MohammadAG’s Instagram Downloader that is no longer supported. On Marshmallow devices, please enable storage access to Instagram (Setting -> Apps -> Instagram -> Permissions).

10. Power Nap

Power Nap for Xposed is the best app for saving battery. When your screen is off, Power Nap maximizes your device’s deep sleep time by stopping services, alarms and wakelocks from waking the device when the screen is off. This means you can leave Wi-Fi/data on and still get the notifications from apps you have whitelisted, while all others are unable to wake up your device, leading to an increase in your battery life.

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