Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Who viewed my Instagram profile? — This is probably the top question on the minds of all the avid instagrammers around the world. Instagram has quickly become one of the most loved social media platforms in recent times. And when you have gathered tons of followers, it is only right that you ask yourself this question. Nothing wrong in wanting to see who viewed your Instagram profile so that you can know who is impressed by your creativity.

Here’s something you might not know: Many people do not actively  “follow” an Instagram profile or even like the posts. Some prefer to just check the profile every once in awhile casually without actually following the account.

This especially holds true in the case of popular brands and personalities. If you’re someone who loves Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) but doesn’t want his photos (!) show up on your feed all the time, then it makes sense to not follow him and instead visit his profile whenever you feel like knowing what he is up to.

So, is there any way you could track such profile visitors who don’t follow? Does Instagram let you see who viewed your profile?

Who viewed my Instagram profile?

All right, let me tell you a secret first…


If you are one of those hardcore instagrammers and was really looking forward to know about this, then get ready for some serious disappointment. Unfortunately, Instagram does not let you see who has visited your Instagram profile. There is simply no option in the app where you can track your profile visitors. At least, not yet.

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Interestingly, if you business account on Instagram then you can see a few user metrics such as the number of visitors you had in the past seven days and how many users saw your posts in their feed. But when it comes to any actual data about the visitors, for example, the names of visitors, there is simply no way to get that information.

I still remember the good old days where Orkut allowed the users to see who visited their profile. Instagram, just like any other social network out there (RIP Orkut), does not let you know the data about how visits your profile. Reason? Privacy. This does not mean that they don’t track that data all – nope. They do actually but they simply choose not to share it with the users.

Apps to check who viewed my Instagram profile?

All right. So there is no way to see who viewed my profile on Instagram. Is there any 3rd party app that will help me see who saw my profile on Instagram? I just did a quick Google search and was amused to find the number of apps that claim to help you see how viewed your Instagram profile. Here’s a screenshot from a quick Google Play Store search:


Do any of the apps actually work? NO. Not even close.

I did try a couple of these apps and here’s how they fool the users: They randomly pick Instagram handles from your profile and show it as the users who viewed your profile. Get a load of this: Some apps even asked to pay if I want to see more than 5 names. Wow. And the number of people falling for this obvious lie is astounding.

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I recommend you go through the reviews of any of these apps – they are hilarious. But this is the point: all the reviews clearly indicate that these apps are nothing but fakes/scam. Do not, ever, install an app that claims to show you who viewed your profile on Instagram (or any other social media).

The Instagram API doesn’t share such information with third-party apps

The reason why these apps can’t work as they claim plain and simple. Instagram doesn’t share such information with any of the third-party apps. There are some apps that reveal who unfollowed/followed you recently but none of them can give you the names of the people who visit your profile.

Installing any of these apps is more of a security risk than waste of time. Once you grant access to your Instagram account to these apps, you have no idea how your data is being handled/processed by these apps.

Alternative: Instagram Stories

Look, I get it. This information is important to you. If you are still looking for a way to track your visitors, the Instagram Stories feature is the way to go. Instagram Stories you post can be viewed by anyone (if your account is public) and you can also see who viewed your Instagram stories.

All you have to do is:

  1. Open a story.
  2. Swipe up.
  3. Click on the eyeball icon.

This is the place where you can see the list of people who have visited your story. This list also includes users who are not following your Instagram account.


If you do not want a specific person to view your Instagram Stories/profile, simply tap on the little cross icon next to the name and it will block the person from viewing your future Instagram Stories. There is also an option switch to a private account if you wish to keep your Instagram account data private.

I know this is not an optimal way but unfortunately, that’s the only way as of now.

Can I See Who Viewed My Profile on Instagram?

Sadly, no. There is no app/site/trick/process that would help you see the names of your profile visitors. Such data will always be kept from the users and it’s for good. If you do not want someone to know that you’ve visited their profile (say, your ex – just sayin’) then its only right the other way around also holds true.

That said, any app/site/trick/process that claims to help you view your Instagram profile, know that they are obvious scams and stay away!

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