45 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Looking for VLC Player Keyboard Shortcuts? We have them all! VLC Media Player is probably the best media player available for Windows at the moment. VLC supports almost every single audio and video file format in existence. Today, we are bringing you the best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows.

VLC Media Player, aka VideoLAN Player, is the most powerful media player available for Windows operating system at the moment. The reason why VLC Media Player is so popular is that it is free and it simply plays any audio or video file format you throw at it. It is stable and almost never crashes. One of the other reasons why VLC Media Player is so awesome is that it is open source. That’s right, anyone with the knowledge and desire to improve the Player can contribute towards its development. This is also one of the reasons why VLC Media Player is always up-to-date with all the new features.

Keyboard Shortcuts could come in handy if you are one of those users who frequently use VLC Media Player. Read ahead to know the best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts available for Windows.

VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

VLC Media Player is the most widely used media player among Windows users. It has been on the scene for a long time and has gained quite a bit of fan following over the years. And it deserves every bit of credit it receives. For frequent VLC Media Player users, it might be tough to actually use the mouse to control every aspect of the Player. To seek or to pause or to play or adjust the aspect ratio, it could get tiresome to use the mouse every single time.

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That is the reason why we have compiled a list of complete VLC Media Player Shortcuts. Read ahead to know more about VLC Player Shortcuts.

If you wish to download all the VLC Media Player Shortcuts as a file, we have got that in a PDF format. Here you go:

Best VLC Media Player Shortcuts

Here are the most frequently used VLC Media Player Shortcuts:


This should probably the most useful keyboard shortcuts of all time. I mean, everyone plays or pauses their videos frequently and it is only logical to assign the biggest key in the keyboard to the most used and most needed keyboard shortcut. It is important to note here that, even the Windows Media Player does not have this much-needed keyboard shortcut. So, props to VLC for the smart thinking.


Default Aspect Ratio
2.35:1 Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio can be defined as the width to height ratio of the video which you are playing. Most of the time, when you open a video, it will automatically open in the default ratio in which it is available. This might result in some black areas at the sides/top/bottom of the video. In case if you don’t like it, you can easily adjust the aspect ratio of the video by tapping on ‘A’ key on the keyboard.


One Quarter Zoom
VLC Player Keyboard Shortcuts 4 • 45 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts
1:2 Half Zoom

If you want to quickly zoom in or zoom out of a video, simply tap on Z. You don’t even need a combination of two keys! Pressing the Z key cycles between one-quarter, half, original and double.

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If you are watching a video and would like to switch to full-screen view without all the controls and buttons, simply press the F Key and you are done. All the distractions – the controls and the windows are now gone and there will only be a video playing on your screen!


If you want to quickly mute your video or video, simply tap on the M key and you are good.


Missed a few frames while looking at your phones and want to take a look? No worries. You can backward or forward by 10 Seconds by simply pressing the ALT + LEFT or ALT + RIGHT respectively!


Did you just miss a few dialogs? Then going 5 seconds won’t cut it. You the above-mentioned combination to go backward or forward by 1 minute at a time.


All right, we get it. You missed a full scene. And you just want to go back a little bit more than 5 seconds or 1 minutes. Then you might want to use the above-mentioned shortcut. It takes you backward or forwards by 5 minutes. How awesome is that?



Let us say you are viewing the video in full-screen mode and want to know how long the video is still remaining or how long have you actually seen the video. You can do that without having to exit the full-screen mode. Simply press the T button to get the time remaining/time elapsed info on the top right-hand corner of the video.


When you are watching a video, if you want to raise up or reduce the volume, you simply use the above key combination. And the good thing is, this combination works even in full-screen mode.

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Complete VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

F Fullscreen
Esc Exit full-screen mode
Space Pause or play movie
V Subtitles on/ off
B Select audio track
Ctrl+Arrow Up/Arrow Down Volume up/ down in 5% increments
Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Jump 3 seconds forward/ backward
Alt+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Jump 10 seconds forward/ backward
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Jump 1 minute forward/ backward
Scroll up/ down Volume or Position (see settings)
Right-click Local menu (play controls, audio/ video)
Ctrl+D Open Disc menu
Ctrl+F Open Folder (browse folder menu)
Ctrl+R Advanced open file
Ctrl+O Open single file(s)
M Mute and unmute audio
P Play movie (from the very beginning)
S Stop movie (not pause; this stops the movie completely)
[/ ] Increase/ decrease playback by 0.1x
= Adjust playback to normal (1.0x)
C Change screen Crop 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, etc.
A Change Aspect ratio 16:10, 16:9, 4.:3, etc.
G/H Decrease/ increase subtitle delay
J/K Decrease/ increase audio delay
Z Change zoom mode
Ctrl+1 … 4 Play Recent media (in Media – Recent media menu)
T Show time
Ctrl+T Goto time
E Frame by Frame Mode; continue pressing E to advance one frame at a time.
Ctrl+H Hide Control
Ctrl+P Preferences/ interface settings
Ctrl+E Adjustments and audio/ video Effects
Ctrl+B Edit Bookmarks
Ctrl+M Open Messages
Ctrl+N Open Network
Ctrl+C Open Capture device
Ctrl+L Open PlayList; press again to return to movie.
Ctrl+Y Save playlist
Ctrl+I Media Information
D Toggle Deinterlace
N Play next movie from playlist
F1 Show help
F11 Window full-screen (not equal to pressing F)
Ctrl+W Quit VLC

So, those were the complete list of VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts! So, which one do you use frequently? Did we miss any of the shortcuts? Do let us know in the comments below!

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