Vivo Phone Assistant | Download (All Versions)

Vivo Phone Assistant is the official PC Suite software made by Vivo, which helps you manage your Vivo smartphones and tablets from a Windows computer and sync data between them. In this page, we are bringing you the latest version of Vivo Phone Assistant along with the previous versions.



Vivo Phone Assistant – Features

Manage Apps:

The tool allows you to backup the existing apps from your Xiaomi smartphone and at the same time, install any 3rd party app on the device in just a single click. It also helps you easily remove/uninstall the apps from the device.

Manage Media:

The tool helps you to manage the photos and videos on your Xiaomi device using a Windows computer. You can transfer your photos and videos from your computer to your phone. You can delete multiple photos and videos with a single click; you also get an option to backup/transfer your device photos to your computer.

Manage Music:

The tool helps you listen to the existing music on your Xiaomi device. You can also batch delete, move/copy/backup/transfer multiple music Files from your device to the computer or from computer to the device.

Manage Contacts:

The tool allows you to easily create/edit/delete any existing contacts from your device. It even allows you to add any details to your existing contacts such as photos, e-mails, birthday, and much more. You can also back up the contacts on the computer.

Manage Messages:

The tool helps you create new messages, edit/delete the existing messages from your Xiaomi device. You can easily send the message to the multiple contacts in one go.

Manage Calendar:

The tool helps you manage your Vivo device calendar appointments, reminders and much more from your computer. You can add appointments, edit appointments, create new reminders, etc.

Miscellaneous Features:

The software allows you to sync the data between your Vivo smartphone and your computer. This means that your smartphone is always backed up on your computer and you can always restore from it whenever you like.

Download Vivo Phone Assistant

Vivo Phone Assistant is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems, starting from Windows XP till the latest Windows 10 (both 32 bit or 64 bit). You can download the latest version of the Vivo Phone Assistant by clicking the below link:





Compatibility: It is compatible with all the versions of Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Both 32 Bit or 64 Bit are supported.

Vivo USB Driver: If you are looking for the official USB Driver then head over to the download Vivo USB Driver Page.

Credits: Vivo Phone Assistant is created and distributed by Vivo Mobile Inc. All credits go to them for sharing the application for free.

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