How To View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on iOS Or Android Devices

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Looking for a way to recover the old saved WiFi passwords? We have got the perfect solution for you. In this article, we will tell you how you can recover/view saved WiFi passwords on Android and iOS devices.

Wi-Fi is a popular terminology in this era of networking and internet, and its considered to be an important method of internet technology, which allows the users to connect to the internet without any need of a wired connection. Presently Wi-Fi or Wireless LAN technology enables the faster, reliable and cost-efficient internet connection and are commonly used for different purposes such as data transmission and wireless communications.

In our day to day lives, there will be a lot of situations when there is no network connection in our mobile phones and immediately we need an internet connection. In such scenarios, we mostly depend upon a Wi-Fi network which we are only used frequently.

It is a matter of pleasure to enjoy free Wi-Fi while writing or while having a leisure time and It makes us happier to go in a public space where there is a free Wi-Fi available. Therefore it is a habit to the people to save the password of many cafes in their locality, But most of the time you don’t go these places all alone and what actually happens is that you go these places accompanied by your friends and they might be also needed the Wifi access to connect to the internet.

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It is absolutely impossible to get the password visible in your Android or iOS devices, that was connected previously. On the other hand, if we have a laptop with us there is not much effort to be taken to make show the password, But we carry a laptop on rare occasions and most cases we only carry our phone with us.

There is a way to overcome this problem as we can ask the Baristas, But why should we depend upon the baristas if we have the facility to see those passwords on our phone itself and it also helps you in many other situations when you are in a great need of Wi-Fi password of a network that was previously connected to your phone.

The important fact to be remembered before proceeding further is that this process only works on rooted and jailbroken Android and IOS device respectively.Its nearly impossible for you to get the Wi-Fi password if you did not gain the admin access because this data is stored in the system folder of the device. Another thing to be noted is that if you didn’t root or jailbreak your Android or iOS device yet, then you must check out the post regarding the rooting and jailbreaking tips.

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords On Android

In order to get access to the system file on Android OS, We can’t use the pre-installed file manager or file explorer application that comes with the phone. To perform this action we need to download an application called ES File Explorer application from the play store to view and edit the system files.

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Step 1: In order to get the root folder, first of all, Move Up a folder and you will see a directory called ‘data‘.

Step 2: Navigate to data/misc/wifi folder and thus you will find a file called wpa_sipplicant.conf.

Step 3: Tap on the file to open it and please make sure that you are using ES File Explorer’s built-in text/HTML for this process.View-Saved-Wifi-Password

Step 4: In the above-opened file you are able to view the network SSID and their passwords next to them, and also you can search for the SSID(Name of the Wi-Fi network) and write down the password.

Step 5: Please ensure that you don’t edit the opened file, if you did something then there is a chance that you might start having issues with your Wi-Fi connectivity.View-Saved-Wifi-Password-2

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There will be a lot of applications available on the play store for this task of finding out the wifi passwords, but this is certainly a better way to do this job than installing an adware infected applications.

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on iOS

If you’re using a jailbroken iOS device follow these steps to get the wifi password on your device.

Step 1: Install a software package called NetworkList from Cydia

Step 2: After the installation process Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your device and Tap on to the new additional button called Network Passwords.  In the iOS 7.0 and above versions it will be shown as Known Networks.

Step 3:  Just tap on it and then you can see all the Wi-Fi passwords that are stored on your iOS devices.

NetworkList is very basic because it only displays the password and you don’t even have the permission to copy the passwords to the clipboard and send it as a text message.So better use the old school method of using pen and paper to note down the Wi-Fi password.

Hope this guide was useful in helping you view your Saved WiFi password on your Android and iOS devices!

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