How to Set Video as Live Wallpaper on Android

One of the first things that come to our minds when we think about Android is customization. There have been, and still are many operating systems such as iOS, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry OS. But none of them can even come close to Android when it comes to customization.

Almost everything about Android can be customized and one of the big reasons for is the fact that Android is Open Source. Anyone can take it and modify as they like. This has opened a world of opportunities for device manufacturers. There are more than a billion Android devices and I kind of feel proud to say that none of them look alike. Manufacturers took Android, added their own functionalities and modified the way it looks and behaves. This is one of the key reasons why Android has grown in a massive way in a short period of time.


One of the exclusive features of Android is Live Wallpapers. None of the other operating systems have it. Some try to mimic it and none of them works as good as Live Wallpapers on Android. In this guide, we will show you how you can personalize it even more. Read ahead to know how to keep video as Live Wallpaper on Android devices.

Set Video as Live Wallpaper on Android

Live Wallpapers are one of the coolest features of the Android ecosystem. They may not be battery friendly but they do look cool as hell. If you are really into Live Wallpapers, then you should probably check out our collection of Best Live Wallpapers for Android.

While Live Wallpapers are cool, how to make them even better? How about if you could be able to set your own videos as live wallpapers? And it is possible now. In the below guide, we have explained, step-by-step, how you can set video as live wallpaper on your Android device.

1. Find the right video:

While, technically, even though you should be able to set any video as live wallpaper with this method, it would be better if the videos are vertical (portrait videos) rather than traditional videos. Also, it is advisable to keep it short. Long videos, when set as live wallpapers, may end up sucking all your battery.

2. Make sure your video is in the right format

MP4 is a recommended format for this guide. Even if your video is in MP4 format, there are some chances that it is not compatible on Android. There are some MP4s that are rendered with codecs that Android can’t recognize.

If you are planning to use a video that you shot on your phone, then you can skip this step. Most MP4 videos that are downloaded from the internet are also compatible with Android. But, just in case if it is not compatible, you can make use of this site to convert it to an MP4 format that Android can recognize.

Simply click on Choose File and upload the file from your device. It should be converted in no time!

3. Install Video Live Wallpaper

This is the app which we are going to use to set video as live wallpaper. This app will help you convert your video to live wallpaper format recognized by Android and will also help you to set it as Live Wallpaper.

You can download the app from Google Play Store by clicking below:

Video Live Wallpaper
Price: Free

4. Choose the video

Once the app is installed, simply open the app. On top of the app, you will find an option called ‘Gallery‘. Simply tap on it.


This is where you have to choose the video which you would like to set as wallpaper. If you cannot find your video in the ‘Recent‘ section, tap on the hamburger menu at the top left and look for your video file in ‘Videos‘ or ‘Downloads‘.

5. Tweak Audio Settings

Next up, you get to decide if you want to keep the video as Live Wallpaper with or without audio. By default, the ‘Play Audio‘ option is checked. Personally, I won’t like it when the wallpaper starts singing every time I unlock my phone. The option lets you control that.

The next option that you should probably take notice of is the ‘Play video offscreen’ option. With the above option and this option enabled, you will be able to constantly hear the video from your wallpaper (that’s a weird sentence) even when your phone is locked.

6. Loop the Video Live Wallpaper

Make sure the ‘Loop video’ option is enabled. If it is not enabled, then the video will play once then the wallpaper will become blacked out.Set-Video-as-Live-Wallpaper-Android-7

7. Customize Aspect Ratio

It is important to note here that no matter what size of the app you want to set as live wallpaper, this app will always try to set it to full screen. For example, if the video ratio is 16:9 and you are trying to use it on a 19:9 mobile screen, then it may end up looking bad. The app will stretch the video and will make it look taller than it actually is.

If you do not want your videos to appear stretched, then you may go ahead and enable the option ‘Keep Aspect ratio’. This will make sure that your video does not look stretched out and look weird. But please be informed that it may look a little bit zoomed in to fit the screen which is far better than looking stretched out.


If at all you experience any issue with this option, simply disable it.

8. Set video as Live Wallpaper

Once you are all set with the options, it is time to set your video as Live Wallpaper. Tap on the Set Live Wallpaper option at the top.


You will be presented with the standard live wallpaper picker app where you should be able to set the video as Live Wallpaper.

This will set your video as live wallpaper in both home screen and wallpaper. Note that the live wallpaper will keep looping and if you want to pause it, simply tap on the empty space on the home screen.

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