How To Use Google Tez On Any Rooted Android Device [Guide]

Looking for a way to run Google Tez on your rooted Android device? Follow the simple steps in this guide to enable Google Tez on your rooted Android.

Tez is a mobile payments service by Google, targeted at users in India. It operates atop the Unified Payments Interface, developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. It can be used where UPI payments are accepted. It was released 9 months ago on September 19, 2017. Unlike most other wallets apps, it does not require money to be stored in the app to make digital payments. Tez works as an extension of one’s bank account, which means that unused money remains in the bank earning interest. Each transaction is initiated by the sender entering his UPI pin with the additional security of existing phone locks. Over 30 million transactions were registered on the app as of October 27, 2017.


Google Tez is very helpful especially if you are living in India but recently many users started reporting that they are not able to use Tez on their devices. The problem was later found out that Google restricted those users who use a rooted device from using this app. If you are someone who is facing a similar issue, keep reading, you might find a solution.

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In order to make our rooted device run Google Pay, it must get certification from Google Play Store. For the same, the device must be rooted using Magisk. Magisk is known as a “systemless” root method. It’s essentially a way to modify the system without actually modifying it. Modifications are stored safely in the boot partition instead of modifying the real system files. This is the most important feature of this tool. Since the original system files remain unchanged, modifications can go undetected by Google SafetyNet.


Your rooted device must have Magisk Installed on it in order to achieve this trick. Click on the following link for a guide to root your android device using magisk:

In case if you are running SuperSu at the moment, to switch your device from SuperSu to Magisk, click on the following link for a guide:

Steps To Enable Google Tez On Rooted Android Devices

Step 1: Magisk Settings

Now enable the options in Magik settings given below. Enable each and every option listed below. It will help to RUN Android Pay On Rooted Phone.


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If your device doesn’t pass the SafetyNet check, Google Tez won’t work until you fix this—regardless of Magisk Hide status. If you’re using a device with June security patches, you’ll need to enable Magisk Core Only mode in Settings (and then reboot) before it will pass SafetyNet. Moreover, the presence of xposed frameworks may not allow your device to pass SafetyNet check.

Step 2: Tweaking Google Play Services

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  1. Go to Settings > Apps and look for Google Play Services.
  2. Tap on Permissions and disable the Phone Permission if it is enabled.

Step 3: Installing Google Tez and Tweaking Magisk Hide

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  1. Go to Google Play Store and install Google Tez. But DO NOT OPEN IT, yet.
  2. Go to Magisk Manager > Magisk Hide > Find TEZ App and enable the same.
  3. Now you can Google Tez and start using it!

Congratulations. You can now run Google Tez on your rooted android device. You can now install and try out your favorite root apps or you can even try out some of the awesome Magisk Modules. Let us know about your experience after running Android Pay on your rooted android device.

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