How To Use RAM As Hard Drive? How To Create RAMDisk?

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Are you trying to switch from HDD to SSD for faster storage? Well! What if i told you that you even have a faster storage memory than SSD and you already have access to it. Yes, the ‘RAM’ inside your PC is much faster than those SSD’s and by faster I mean over 40 to 50 times faster providing you with almost 20 to 30k MB/s, read or write capacity.

With more than 4GB of memory, the excess and the unused sections can be used to your advantage, turning some of it into a small RAM Disk which will appear to Windows as a fully functional storage drive, ready to hold your most frequently used applications and launch them few times faster.

What is a RAMDisk or RAM Drive?

A RAM drive which is also known as  RAM disk is a representation of a hard disk using RAM resources, and it can take the form of a hardware device or a virtual disk storing volumes created from a computer’s RAM, since RAM is a volatile memory it can’t save any data without a constant power supply. So as long as your PC is on, the data inside the RAM drive will be available for the use and as soon as the power goes ‘off’ or after you shut down your PC, All the data inside the RAM drive will be erased without any trace, so we recommend you to use a third party ‘RAMdisk’ software for storage as it helps you store the data onto your hard drive each and every time you turn off your PC and copies it to the RAM Disk whenever you switch it back on.

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Why use RAMDisk?

The reason for “why to use a RAMDisk” is that it’s definitely faster to read and write from RAM rather than to use even a fast SSD, eventually the load times will be decreased for the programs that you’ve have installed on a RAM drive.


1. 6 or More GB of RAM:

we do not recommend you to create one if you have 4GB or less GB RAM installed since 4GB is a minimum requirement these days we suggest that you should have at least 6GB or more to make both a RAM disk and a reasonable amount of system memory available to run the system smoothly.

2. 64-bit Windows:

It is ideal to run a 64-bit version of Windows since these are the versions supporting more than 4GB of RAM in any PC. To check the version you can click on the Computer icon and select properties then check under the subject system type to know whether you are using a 32/64 bit version.

3. RAMDisk Software:

There are a bunch of applications online for you to select from, but as we earlier said we recommend that you use DataRAM’s ‘RAMdisk’ since this is very much easy to set up and supports up to 4GB of storage space in its free version and later you can go for a pro version by paying $18.99 that lets you to create RAM disks 4GB+.

How To Use RAM As Hard Drive In Windows 10? | Create RAMDisk

Below are the steps to be followed to set up a RAMDisk using a third party software Dataram:

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1. Firstly install the Dataram RAMDisk after downloading it using this link (scroll to the bottom of the web page).

2. If the default view is confusing, you can always switch to View>Advanced if you want.

3. Now, from the Settings tab, select the size of the RAMDisk which will only go up to 1023MB in its free versions but however, the paid version can support the expansion up to 64GB.

4. Now from Under the Load/Save tab, make sure Load Disk Image at Startup and Save Disk Image at Shutdown is ticked so that it will make sure your files don’t evaporate when your PC is shut down.

5. Finally, to get your virtual disk into action you can explore the Options tab or click Start RAMDisk. Done

Now the RAMDisk that you have successfully created will be appearing in the location My Computer/This PC as a regular local disk. This is how you can use your RAM as a hard drive and you can also stop the RAMDisk anytime using the software and also note that the Dataram is capable of working in the background even when you close the Dataram window.

Create RAM Disk using AMD Radeon RAMDisk software

You can also create ram disk using AMD Radeon ramdisk software, this is just another option of Dataram optimizer for AMD-branded memory. Download the AMD Radeon RAMDisk using this link. The working interface is exactly the same but you can increase the size in this up to 4GB when you are using an 8GB RAM (In the free version).

Create RAM drive in Windows using ImDisk

ImDisk is considered the best open source RAMDisk software among its users, this software is available for free and acts as a virtual disk driver for storing. Use this link to download ImDisk for free.
After completing the installation of ImDisk software, an applet (CMD) will be seen in your systems control Panel through which you will be able to control or access the application.
The pros are that it allows its users to create more than one RAMDisk on their computers and also there are no limits set on the size of the RAMDisk and you can always expand by following some tricky RAM Disk setup processes which are considered little tougher and little complicated.
Even though Creating a RAMDisk using the ImDisk’s guide is easy, it also comes with a potential threat by not being a very constant virtual storage drive, the RAMDisk will be automatically erased once the system is turned off so we recommend you to use this guide ” CMD-method detailed” which is published by Guru3D forum user so that you can learn on how to create a RAMDisk that can survive any number of restarts and shutdowns.

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Can this be an everyday solution?

While talking about all these things, you might have a question in your head asking – Can this be an everyday solution? And one thing to be remembered here is that keeping RAMDisk on a daily basis will slow down your shutdown and booting time for real. This is because the system usually updates the image file on the hard drive considering the latest data which is present on the RAM drive and the same will be loaded during the initial startup.

These are the various methods by which you can create and use RAMDisk on your device along with the pros and cons; hope this article has helped in serving your need.

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