How to Remove SuperSU and Fix Uninstallation Failed Error

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

SuperSU is the most popular rooting solution available for Android. It supports a wide variety of phones and rarely causes any issues. But there could be some issue when you try to uninstall SuperSU. In this guide, we will tell you how to remove SuperSU and fix ‘Uninstallation Failed‘ Error.

SuperSU has been the only solution for rooting Android devices for a long time before Magisk came into the scene. While the initial adaptation rate for Magisk was little less, a lot of people nowadays are actually preferring Magisk over SuperSU for a lot of reasons. For example, you can have root and still get to install OTA updates, which is something not possible with SuperSU. In this guide, we shall see how you can completely remove SuperSU from Android device.

Uninstall SuperSU [Fix Uninstallation Failed Error]

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to uninstall SuperSU.

So, if you were ever in the situation to get to rid of SuperSU, then this guide might come in handy for you. A lot of people face ‘Uninstallation Failed’ error when they are trying to uninstall SuperSU. But with the method mentioned in this guide, you can easily fix ‘Uninstallation Failed’ error too!

How to Uninstall SuperSU

  1. Download the
  2. Copy the above-downloaded zip file to your phone.
  3. Boot your device into TWRP Recovery.
  4. Tap on Install > Select the downloaded file > Swipe to confirm flash.
  5. Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache.
  6. Reboot your phone.
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That is all. SuperSU is now completely removed from your device. This is the easiest way to remove SuperSU from Android devices without any errors.

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