Truecaller Data Of Indian Users Being Sold Online For INR1.5 lakh

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Another news of data breach is making rounds and this one is specific to Indian users. According to a report by Economic Times, Truecaller’s data and private information of Indian users were sold online for INR1.5 lakhs. The information includes the phone number, emails, and address.

According to a cybersecurity expert who handles such transaction,

The data of Indian users are being sold for about Rs 1.5 lakh (2000 Euros) on the dark web, while data of global users is sold at anywhere around 25000 Euros.

What is more interesting is that the Swedish company Truecaller, allows the users in India to make payments via the UPI framework. This means that many users would have stored their payment information within the app. India is the largest user base of Treucaller comprising of about 60-70% of users out of its 140 million user base.

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However, the company has denied any facts claiming that it has suffered a breach of data. But, it admitted the fact that it has come across instances of unauthorized copying of data by the users themselves. Moreover, the company assured that no private or sensitive information was accessed or extracted from the company’s database, especially the payment details.

Besides this, to tackle such situations, the company has also already marked accounts, suspected of having abused access to its platform and a daily limit been fixed on the number of searches by any user. With such huge tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Truecaller are facing the issues of a data breach, it is unlikely that our information is safe anywhere. We will have to wait and watch till any other official statements come in this regard.

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