TikTok Owner Reportedly Coming Up With a Smartphone

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

TikTok a very popular social media app, is in the news again. But, this time for probably a good reason (we will wait and see). The company ByteDance, that owns TikTok is in talks with Smartisan to launch their very own smartphone for the users. As both the companies are based in Beijing, it is even reported that they have hired employees and also acquired a patent for a portfolio.

ByteDane is one of the Chinese unicorns that has over 800 million users daily. Only TikTok is not responsible for these numbers. They get users from the Toutiao (Headlines) app, which is a well-known news and information app used by many in China. Musical.ly was acquired and merged with TikTok in 2017. Musical.ly was also a very popular video sharing app that lets users record their snippets and share them with the world.

Now it will be interesting to see how this social media giant will foray into the world of smartphones as many of the already existing giants like Sony, LG, and others are finding it hard to maintain and get a piece of market share from global smartphone users. Not long ago, according to a report in GSMAreana, Tencent, the owner of popular mobile game PUBG, is also in talks to launch their very own mobile. But, this will see its light only when something concrete and official comes our way as previously Facebook also tried this and failed miserably.

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