How to Setup System-Wide ADB and Fastboot on Windows

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

A detailed step by step guide on how to install and setup ADB and Fastboot system-wide on Windows operating system. To access the ADB and Fastboot tools we always have to go to the particular directories where they are installed and then go in the folder and then use the open command prompt window here it’s so frustrating. Can we access the ADB and Fastboot Tools anywhere in our PC? Obviously yes! we can do that just we need to add the ADB and Fastboot platform-tools path in the Environment variables, just follow this quick guide. In this guide, we will tell you how to install and setup ADB and Fastboot System-Wide on Windows.

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Steps to Setup System-Wide ADB and Fastboot on Windows

Make sure to install this before proceeding: Download ADB and Fastboot Platform Tools

Step 1. Create a folder named ADB and Fastboot in C drive.


Step 2. Download and extract the file to the ADB and Fastboot folder in C drive. Path for extraction –


Step 3. Now Go to Control panel > System and Security > System > Click on Change Setting which will be located at the right side.

Step 4. A window will pop up of System Properties, Click Advanced option > Environment Variables.

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Step 5. A new window will pop up of Environment Variables. Click on > New to add a new path

variable name -> adb 
Variable Value -> C:Abd and Fastboot 
Click on Ok to save

Step 6. Click on ok and close the Environment variables window. Click ok and close the System Properties window and done.

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