Supreme Court Rules Against Apple In App Store Monopoly Case

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

The US Supreme Court on Monday ruled a case against Apple in App Store monopoly case. One of the main advantages of Android users is that they can sideload any applications not available on the Play Store via third-party sources. But, that is not in the case for Apple mobile users. But, after the case announced by the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the users, can end Apple’s monopoly in App Store.

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According to our source ZDNet, this ruling in favor of the users allows the users to pursue an antitrust lawsuit against the company. A handful of iPhone users sued the company on the grounds that Apple was unlawfully monetizing the aftermarket for apps. If anyone is totally unfamiliar with iOS, the company makes around 30% cut on all purchases.

Apple claimed that it was just an intermediary for purchases going on in the App store. Apple’s claim was that while it maintains the App Store and the prices on the apps are decided by the developers itself. But anyhow this argument was ruled against the company.

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Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in a 14-page opinion stating that;

Apple’s line-drawing does not make a lot of sense, other than as a way to gerrymander Apple out of this and similar lawsuits. If accepted, Apple’s theory would provide a roadmap for monopolistic retailers to structure transactions with manufacturers or suppliers so as to evade antitrust claims by consumers and thereby thwart effective antitrust enforcement.

This ruling doesn’t mean that the group will win any Ransome or lawsuit against Apple. The only thing Apple can be sued by the group.

Source: CNN

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