How to Spot Fake Apps on Google Play Store?

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Google Play Store, a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google LLC, serving Millions of apps to its Android-Powered smartphones users. The only platform on which most users rely on to get something they may need. Is there anything you should be aware of while picking up these applications and games from its massive catalog?

One of the major trouble been faced by new android users is how to download an Application or a Game in their personal Android devices. And when they ultimately manage to look for one on Play store. Also using such Spam apps can be a concern of safety and security of personal data as it can collect some of your information which you are unwillingly, or unknowingly sharing with someone you don’t even know!  As a step for prevention, here is the article.

Sometimes there are multiple applications made available of the same name, or there is some differently spelled name or a different weird logo, etc. with which is sort-of trouble for many users. Like to differentiate the fact that which app is genuine and which one’s fake? Say ‘Spotify’ or ‘123 Media Player Classic’.

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Recently, from one of the reports from NDTV says, “Google Play Store Had Removed Millions of Fake Reviews and Bad Apps With New Anti-Spam System. Google is on a Play Store cleaning spree, and to that end, it has now introduced the anti-spam system that detects fake reviews and ratings. This system will help Google clean up bad apps, and delete fake reviews and rating posted through unethical practices. The tech giant uses its new machine learning the anti-spam system to assess which review is genuine, and which is fake or profane in nature.” were the wise words of the author on the news portal.

But even after such a great work of Google’s anti-spamming system, there exist several applications developed by different developers, serving the same purpose with a lot of false advertisements and bloatware. Which promotes nothing but the piracy of the existing software and earning the revenues from someone’s Hard work! So, If you manage to follow the given instructions, you can prevent yourself from getting messed up and carried away with these fake-spam apps which are causing nothing much but Trouble!

Have a Closer Look

Check the Name

Primarily, while looking for your desired app, look closely making sure that the name spelled does make sense! The apps which usually have suspicious spelling errors additional caption, etc. Following is the reference that how does a real app look like.

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There are times when the apps have the same logo, but look closer and figure out which of the logo looks more genuine to you. Pick such as your secondary filter of preference to prevent downloading a useless app. Most fake apps have little fuzzy, blurred-out logos which easily differentiates them from real ones.


Check the Metadata

While choosing your app, make sure to look at the data like Size, Version, Updated on, Offered by, Number of Downloads, etc. You can find such info at the bottom-most section of the respective app’s description by simply clicking on the read more button.

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Check the Ratings and Reviews

Mostly the user having the good-bad relationship; post installation of the app, they pour out their experiences with the application. Reading the review first is always worth, Saving your Time, Data and Battery 😛


Check the Thumbnails Attached

Almost every application has a thumbnail or the set of thumbnails attached to it in the section of its description. Having a full-sized look at such images may give you a clear idea about how the app looks and performs.

Spot-Fake-Apps-on-Google-Play-Store-7Spot-Fake-Apps-on-Google-Play-Store-8Google’s always a friend

Ok, Google!

You can ask your fellow friend Google Assistant right away. Just say the ‘2 Magical words’: Ok Google! And it will give you the most Trusted Search result and outcome of your Query.


So, there you have it, folks! just Making note of such minor things, you can be safe and secure from such fake, spam, malicious apps!

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