Sony’s new business plan: Ignore ‘India’ (and a few other countries)

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

In a recent turn of event where the tech giant Sony, released hundreds of European employees and also shut down its major Chinese factory, the Sony mobile business in on the edge of its end. The low numbers of smartphone shipment during the first three months of the year and reports suggest that the company is again prepping up for another round of firing for the employees.

The Japanese tech giant’s smartphone division has become so small and has produced such low profits that, a new department was created. The “Electronics Products & Solutions department” which was created by combining the Xperia and Home Entertainment & Sound and Imaging Products & Solutions division of Sony.

But, according to Xperia Blog, Sony is still working on towards transforming its smartphone business rather than just killing it. What is more interesting that the transformation the company is talking about, will happen in a few select regions. The countries which will be neglected will be Canada, Mexico, India, the entire African continent, and South America. This is kind of absurd, as previously these regions were one of the main markets for Sony smartphones.

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Those included in the Focused regions include Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and (parts of) Europe. Even in the U.S. where the company has a “no operator business”, is also missing out on this transformation. All the hopes now are dependent on the Xperia 1 smartphone which does offer quite good specs but as there is so much innovation going on in the market, the statistics suggest that the company will have to go into this transformation on full throttle.

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We will have to wait and watch what this tech giant has in stores after its continuous decline and whether the transformation is going to make such a huge impact or not.

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