How To Set Up And Use FTP Server In Android

Using FTP on Android might come in handy when you do not have any wired connectivity available. In this guide, we will tell you how to use FTP on Android. With FTP, you can easily and quickly transfer files between Android and PC without any restrictions.

Smartphones are meant to be connected. There are a whole lot of types of communication. This includes data connection, wifi connection, mobile network connection, GPS connection, Bluetooth connection and more. These interconnections make the device ‘smart’. People use phones and computers for synchronization. Relatively smartphones have less memory than personal computers and so the data on phones are frequently backed up on PCs.  The process is done vice versa too. When the user wants the data to be transferred to PC there are multiple ways to fulfill those requirements. You can simply connect the devices to the PC via USB cable and access the files. Most of the manufacturers provide PC suits for smartphone synchronization with the PCs. But in a situation where there is no wired connection possible or if you want mobile access to your computer device then we got your covered in this post.


Why FTP?

There are multiple ways in which you can connect to your computer and smartphones wirelessly. There are applications like ‘share it’s that you can download in both the phone and in PC and connect wirelessly. But there are other handy techniques using your phones as servers.

FTP is file transfer protocol which is a network protocol that allows transferring files from one specific location to another. The locations are named as client and server. The client request server for transferring the data. Here we discuss the technique in which you can use your smartphone as the server.

You can use FTP to transfer files between two computers, smartphone, and computer or even a cloud service to a computer. This makes transferring the files easily accessible to anyone who uses a computer and smartphone.

The chances are you might have heard about FTP that helps in connecting devices to the internet which helps in file transfer. But the fact is that you can use FTP to create a local network and transfer files between those devices. You can study how to use FTP for creating a local network between your phone and computer so that you can upload or download data between these devices

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FTP on Android device

FTP is the simplest means by which you can transfer files between the computer and the smartphone. Here we discuss the technique by which you can transfer the files between the Android device and computer so that the computer act as a client and the Android device as a server.

The highlight is that you don’t have to use any USB cable as you were traditionally transferring the files. The only condition is that both the server and client should be on the same wifi network. The fact that you must understand is that the WiFi network with devices doesn’t even want to have internet connectivity. You can use your router for connecting these devices without any internet connectivity. Or if you don’t have a router at the moment it is okay, you can use your phones WiFi hotspot to connect the computer.

Features of FTP

  • You can download or upload the files from and to the phone and computer.
  • You can access the device via WiFi without connecting any physical cables.
  • You can modify the files. The actions such as delete, move, copy, rename etc are possible


  • If your phone doesn’t support FTP, you will have to download a third party application known as ES File Explorer.( There are other apps that you can download in Google play store and steps don’t very much.)
  •  An active WiFi connection.
  • Android device and Windows-enabled PC.

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Steps to use FTP on your Android device

  1. Download the above-mentioned application ( ES File Explorer).
  2. Connect the devices to same WiFi network. You can connect either through hotspot or router with active WiFi hotspot.
  3. Initiate FTP service. Click on the start button. ( Grant the necessary permission asked by the app to access your system files.)ftp on android 3 74c3a965ea126a2dd446729d04c12124 • How To Set Up And Use FTP Server In Android
  4. Open the FTP URL generated by the application in the PC.  You can use Google Chrome to easily access the files in by entering the generated URL. [Note: you can only download the files using Google Chrome.]
  5. To upload or modify the files you will have to use a file explorer or you will have to download a third party FTP application like Filezilla.For an average user to perform basic operations they will have to use only windows file explorer. So we focus in Windows file explorer for the rest of the steps.
  6. Enter the URL on the file explorer and press enter. By this you can access the files and also you can perform the basic operations and modifications to the files.How-to-use-FTP-on-Android

This is one of the most efficient methods for transferring files between the two devices such as a smartphone and a personal computer. This can be handy when the USB cable is not available for transferring the files. This is the easiest way to Set Up And Use FTP Server In Android.

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