Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Sells Have Been Impressive So Far


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the latest and greatest that Samsung has to offer currently. The massive 5G capable flagship featuring a 6.7-inch display and six cameras in total has been a massive success in the home country South Korea so far. The phone was first announced in February but was released for public in April.

While it was speculated that 5G phones would not be a major success in 2019 due to poor 5G network connectivity and high price tags that come with it, the Galaxy S10 5G defied all the critics and has so far sold over 1 million units in South Korea alone that too within 3 months of its public launch. Samsung says that on an average, 15,000 Galaxy S10 5Gs are being sold in the country. A lot of credit for Samsung’s success goes to the network providers in South Korea which among the few countries in the world where a larger percentage of the population are having access to the 5G connectivity.

The story of the sale figures of the Galaxy S10 5G might not be the same in other parts of the world since many countries like India are yet to join the 5G bandwagon and the growth of 5G in major countries like the US has been mediocre at best.

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