Samsung Galaxy Note 10: No Longer A ‘Note’?


The Samsung Galaxy Note is the most premium Android device from Samsung electronics. The original Galaxy Note which was launched way back in 2011 was arguably the first commercially successful phablet. Features which differentiated the Note lineup from other flagships is its huge display and support for stylus input. Samsung designed the software of the device keeping stylus input in mind.

Samsung recently unveiled the 10th iteration of its Note lineup on August 7 at the Unpacked event in the Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. As expected, the new Note brought some new features to make it more productive and powerful than its predecessor- the Note 9. Though it has the specs going for it, I felt the new Note lineup lacks the aura that once the Galaxy Notes used to have. These days there is hardly anything to differentiate between the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy S lineup of devices.

Galaxy S10 MINUS Head Phone Jack/SD Card Support PLUS S-Pen IS EQUAL TO Galaxy Note 10

I feel that the Galaxy Note 10 siblings are the same Galaxy S10 series of phones with no headphone jack, no microSD expansion or QHD display on the younger version, an S-Pen and a few aesthetic changes. Moreover, I was always of the opinion that Samsung flagships are devoid of gimmicky features but the opinion might just change here as the new functionalities added to the S-Pen which Samsung likes to call as air gestures seem to me as nothing to me but a gimmick. There will be hardly anyone who will be interacting with their phone by moving the S-Pen in the air like a magic wand. It might be a good trick to impress some kids but not practically useful in real life.

Is Galaxy Note 10 even worth the extra $150 when compared to the S10 series?

The display, processor, camera, and battery are the most important component of a phone and my decision to buy a phone is basically focussed on these key factors. No matter how good other components of the phone are, if it fails to impress me in the basics, it is no buy for me. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 siblings fall in the same category. With the basics very identical to that of the Galaxy S10s, I do not feel like spending around 10k INR ($150 approx) for the Note siblings above the S10 family a sensible decision unless you cannot lie without the S-Pen.

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Look, in no way, am I trying to say that the Galaxy Note 10 siblings are bad phones. They have everything required to stand toe to toe with other flagships of this generation. It’s just that it lacks the aura of a Note device. The current flagship lineup from the house of Samsung seems very saturated with very minute factors to differentiate. If all the factors I mentioned are not a big deal for you, it is surely worth a look if you are a considering to buy a phone in the $1000 price range.

Let me know your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+.

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