Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Delayed indefinitely

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

The launch of the most ambitious project of Samsung, the Galaxy Fold has been delayed. Many users including top Youtuber like MKBHD faced some issues about the screen of the phone. The image of the broken screen can be found below. Other issues included the bending curve visibility on the screen.

samsung galaxy fold screen problems • Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Delayed indefinitely
Credit: @MKBHD/Twitter

Many users shared the images of the Galaxy Fold screen getting totally blacked out. One user accidentally peeled off the thin layer of protection which looked like the screen protector. But, that layer was a part of the original display. This warning was also nowhere mentioned by Samsung.

Now the company has addressed this issue and the mega event has been called off. Samsung has responded back to the people that, they will be seeing a revamped version of the Galaxy Fold. The release date has also been kept under the hood for now.

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Samsung has also sent out emails to the people who pre-ordered their Galaxy Fold devices, saying that they will release an update on the matter very soon. The pre-orders will be canceled automatically by the end of the month because the company is unlikely to supply the devices before that due date.

This news is for those users who have already pre-ordered their device. You can cancel your order before your device is shipped. You will be charged only if the device is shipped. However, it is advised that let the first batch and reviews of the new version of the Fold devices confirm that there are no durability issues.

Here is the snapshot of the email that Samsung has sent to one of its user regarding the Galaxy Fold.

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Email By Samsung

Via: GSMArena

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