Samsung A70: Mid Range Monster with 64 MP Camera

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Samsung has a large mid-range smartphone category. Many of the new mid-range devices were launched by Samsung which packed some innovative as well as good specs for the price concerned. But, what comes as interesting news is that, Samsung A70 could break the camera resolution record in the mid-range smartphone segment. As the company is facing stiff competition from the Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei and others, Samsung does not want to leave the “World’s top mobile device vendor face” tag.

Moreover, with recent innovations, the company is trying hard to reboot its image of using cheap materials on the mid-range devices. Now, we get a premium finish and design and the specs on the mid-range smartphone has also seen huge changes.


According to a report by the Korean news website, Samsung will be using a 64Mp sensor for its rear camera on the A70. If this news bit is anyhow legit, then we could see a record-breaking massive upgrade on the mid-range segment. Samsung unveiled the world’s first 64-megapixel image sensor for smartphones. This ISOCELL Bright GW1 powerhouse, however, hides a number of neat tricks up its sleeve apart from the record-breaking megapixel count.

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The sensor will be using a pixel tetra cell technology and the tiny 0.8-micrometer sensors to produce great quality images. The Gw1 sensor will also produce highly detailed images.

President Ko Dong-jin of Samsung Electronics said;

While we had applied new technologies to major products first in the past, we are planning to apply new technologies to medium-end and low-end Smartphone first starting from this year.

Team Leader Kwon Jin-Hyun of Samsung Electronics, of the Marketing department also stated that;

While it took about 34 months before Smartphone manufacturers started to apply dual-cameras to 20% of their products, it only took about 18 months before they started to apply triple-cameras to 20% of their products. In 2020, it will be common to see low-end Smartphones with rear dual-cameras.

Now, if this phone comes to the market with such groundbreaking camera sensors, then it shows that these manufacturers are able to deliver such good combination of specs and hardware under a budget if they want to.

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