Root Honor 8 Pro and Install TWRP | Guide

Huawei launched the Honor 8 Pro in April 2017. The phone sports a 5.70-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels which works out to a PPI of 515 pixels per inch. The Huawei Honor 8 Pro is powered by 1.8GHz octa-core Kirin 960 processor and it comes with 6GB of RAM. Even though the phone is yet to launch in some of the countries, the development for the device has already started in full swing. Thanks to the good folks over at XDA, we already have achieved root and a working TWRP recovery is also available for the Honor 8 Pro.

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How to Install TWRP Recovery on Honor 8 Pro


  1. Guide to completely backup your device
  2. Download latest USB driver for your device
  3. Guide to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging
  4. Download and Install ADB and Fastboot
  5. Your device’s bootloader needs to be unlocked.

Necessary Downloads

Follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Move the downloaded TWRP file to the folder (which is usually C:Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot, unless you changed it during installation) where ADB and fastboot are installed. For the sake of convenience, rename the TWRP image file as ‘recovery.img‘.minimal-adb-fastboot
  2. Connect your phone to your PC. Inside the folder, hold down the Shift Key + Right Click > Open Command Window here.
  3. In the ADB command window that appears, run the following command:
    adb devices
  4. A list of devices connected to your PC will be displayed which means everything is working as expected.
  5. Now, reboot Honor 8 Pro into fastboot mode by following the below instructions:
    • Power off your device.
    • Press and hold Volume Down key for a while.
    • While holding down the key, connect your device to your PC using the USB cable.
    • You can release the keys as soon as fastboot mode appears.
  6. Once you are into fastboot, type the below command to see if your device is listed:
    fastboot devices
  7. If everything is working as expected, run the following command in the command window to install TWRP recovery:
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  8. Once the process is complete, simply unplug your phone from your PC and reboot it. Or you can also reboot your device by executing the below command:
    fastboot reboot

How to Root Honor 8 Pro

Follow the below steps to root your Honor 8 Pro:

  1. Copy the PHH Superuser beta zip file which you downloaded before, to the internal storage of your device.
  2. Reboot your Honor 8 Pro into recovery mode by following the below steps:
    • Power down your device.
    • Press and hold Volume Up button and Power button at the same time.
    • Release the keys as soon as you see the Huawei logo on the screen.
  3. Assuming you have successfully booted into TWRP recovery, tap on ‘Install’ from the available options. You will be asked to choose a file to flash/install. Browse and select the downloaded Magisk file and then ‘Swipe to install.’
  4. Once the installation is complete, reboot your device.
  5. Install the PHH Superuser App from Google Play Store by clicking the below link: 
    phh's SuperUser
    Price: Free
  6. Congratulation, you have successfully rooted your Honor 8 Pro, enjoy!

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