How To Remove Yourself From Group Text on Android [2 Methods]

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Sending and receiving messages have now become a part of our daily life. We connect to everyone around us via some of the other messaging means. Group texting is a part of it where we are in contact with more number of people at the same time. Apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Handcent, Telegram, and other private messaging applications have almost extinct the use of traditional messaging services.

We have some of the other private messaging applications installed on our smartphone and we hardly ever bother to use our traditional messaging services. But these messaging applications have a disadvantage which is they require Internet connectivity either via WiFi or Network Provider in order to be used. This is where the traditional messaging services might come in handy.

Using Group Messaging on the traditional messaging application is also possible and we at ThemeFoxx have covered that. It requires some workaround to get yourself into Group Messaging on these applications. It is a bit more tedious and requires the user to follow some steps in order to get out of the group messaging service on these types of messaging applications. This guide at ThemeFoxx will show you 2 methods that will help you to get out of the group messaging services.

It Is Possible to Exit From Group Text On Android?

Group texting has many advantages such as when we want to communicate something to a large number of people at once or we might want to keep in touch with our old friends or family members and let them know about our daily life happenings. But this group texting becomes useless, once the main idea of forming the group is tampered with. That is sometimes other people of the group start ending you unnecessary messages which becomes annoying.

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One method is simple and you just have to ask the “Group Admin” to remove you from the group you want to exit. The “Group Admin” is the person that is the head of the group and he only can add or remove people from the created group.

If you are able to track down the Group Admin and make them remove you from the group, that is easy but that is unlikely to be the case as you might have to do a lot of work in order to know who is the creator of the group and sending a message directly into the group would make you face unnecessary questions from the group members.

This guide will help you to get out of such groups as there are some workarounds that will help you in such a case.

1. Mute The Notifications For That Specific Group


This is a temporary but effective solution for keeping those groups mute for unnecessary notifications. Enabling mute notifications would not show you the notifications for incoming group messages. Follow these steps to enable this setting;

  1. Select your messaging app on which you want to exit or mute the notifications of the particular group. The app would most probably be the default or stock messaging application.
  2. Open the group on your messaging application which you want to mute notifications.
  3. Tap the three dots on the top right corner of the application. After this, tap on the “Group Settings” option.
  4. Once you are in the “Group Settings” menu, tap the section for “Notification”. Switch off the “Android Notification” setting that will turn of any notification for that particular group.
  5. This will help you in muting the notifications but, you will be receiving group messages from that particular group i.e. this method does not exit you from the group.
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2. Disable Auto Downloading of MMS

Sometimes being in a group where constant media files are being shared becomes a pain when you are under limited data pack or you just want to ignore those notifications popping up every now and then. This method will not only stop the messages from coming in but also you will exit yourself from all other group texts. This method is good for those people who want to completely get rid of group text from their Android Smartphone.

If you are not in any mood or are fed up of the unwanted group texts that you receive, this method is the only way you can part ways with group text once and for all. Follow the steps below;

  1. Go to your default Messaging application on your Android Smartphone. Basically, it would be your stock messaging app.
  2. Now you have to go the settings of the messaging app and to do this you have to go to the top right corner of your screen and hit the ‘Three Dots’ which would give some more options for troubleshooting.xScreenshot_20161021-094551.png.pagespeed.gpjpjwpjwsjsrjrprwricpmd.ic_.zibwrmXed_
  3. Under the settings menu, you will find the advanced options settings. Hit that button and enter into advanced settings.Screenshot_20161021-094559
  4. When you are in the Advanced Settings option, you will be able to see an “Auto Download MMS” toggle switch. You have to turn this switch off which will stop all the group text messages that you are receiving. xScreenshot_20161021-094744.png.pagespeed.gpjpjwpjwsjsrjrprwricpmd.ic_.2GqQ3iPsKH
  5. That’s it. You are done with all the steps and with this last step you would be able to see that you have exited the group texts.
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It’s clear that smartphones and data connectivity is omnipresent. MMS texting is part of past mobile communication and probably has no place in our lives now. However, there are still certain situations in which the use of group text based on MMS could occur, but these are very small and very distant. So we suggest that you no longer use them since there are better ways these days to communicate with a group–and leaving those chat groups is a lot easier.

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