How to Remove WhatsApp Photos/Media from Google Photos

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Many people have many are WhatsApp groups in which they are added. Sometimes these groups become really annoying! lots and lots of images and videos which are useless and get synced with our Google photos. Also, these useless pictures fill up the phones space and the gallery becomes a miserable place to store photos.

Here we have a solution for removing the WhatsApp images from the gallery and also google photos. You can now easily delete the WhatsApp photos with this simple guide and they will never get automatically synced. This guide will also help you to quickly take backup of your important photos. It will also virtually free up some space on your device.

Search All WhatsApp Files and Delete Them

WhatsApp stores the media files with its own prefix added to it. If you see the name of the image downloaded through WhatsApp it will be something like WA#@***.jpg. Now we will search for these files which contain ‘WA’ in their names and delete them.

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Step 1: Open Google Photos app and type WA in the search bar. You will see all the photos which have the prefix WA(WhatsApp photos).

Step 2: Now select all the photos by, Long pressing on a photo and drag down(without lifting your fingers) until all the photos are selected.

Step 3: Tap on the Delete button/icon and done.

Turn off Auto-Backup in Google photos

We have deleted all the WhatsApp images now we need to make sure that it doesn’t add the WhatsApp images again to the photos. So there’s a way to do it by switching off the WhatsApp sync.

  1. Just simply, open the Google photos app. Swipe right tap on Device Folders.remove-whatsapp-media-from-google-photos (1)
  2. Scroll down and look for the folder Whatsapp Images and tap on it.remove-whatsapp-media-from-google-photos (3)
  3. Turn off the Backup and sync toggle button. You can also do this for the WhatsApp Videos and GIFs just select the folders and turn off the sync button.remove-whatsapp-media-from-google-photos (2)
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We need some photos to be saved for the lifetime there’s a way to do this too. Go to the gallery app and select the pictures you want to backup/save. Once you have selected the images, tap on the three dots located at the top right of the screen. the tap on ‘Move to album‘ > select the camera/camera roll as the location. This will automatically sync the photos.

Bonus Trick – Free Up Device Storage

The photos backed up photos should be deleted for the device in order to free some device storage. It is also recommended for the users who want more storage space on their devices.

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Go to Settings > Tap on Free up device storage option. Or tap on the Completed back up icon located on the home page.

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