Download Android Qualcomm Drivers for Windows (64-bit and 32-bit)

Qualcomm Drivers aka Qualcomm USB Drivers for Windows 7,8/8.1, 10 is now available for download. Read ahead to download and install Qualcomm HS USB Drivers [64-bit and 32-bit].

Snapdragon is for mobile devices of what Intel is for personal computers; it’s everywhere. Snapdragon is the leading mobile chipset brand that is dominating the market at the moment. Even the PC Chipset giant Intel cannot match Snapdragon in the mobile market. Snapdragon devices are known to be very developer friendly and Snapdragon devices also receive the updates after, when compared to MediaTek devices which had come under heavy criticism for not honoring the GPL a couple of months ago.


Over the years, Snapdragon has known to be a very developer friendly Chipset unlike the Huawei Kirin Chipsets or Samsung Exynos Chipsets or MediaTek chipsets. Phones that rock the Qualcomm chipsets are more easy to be unbricked in case if something goes wrong and the phone is bricked. Qualcomm has it’s very own tool which helps you to bring your Android device back to life if you ever bricked your phone when trying to install a custom ROM or while trying root your Android device.

In this article, you would be able to Download Qualcomm High Speed USB Drivers and install them without any issues with our installation guide.

Qualcomm Drivers

USB Drivers are very important when you want to connect your Android device to your computer. In order for the device and your Android device to communicate properly, USB Drivers are a must. That is the reason why all the OEMs recommend installing USB Drivers and some even give it preloaded on their mobile devices.

OEM USB Drivers will only help up until your device is up and running. But, once it is bricked it is of no use. See, in that case, your device cannot even turn on and it doesn’t matter which OEM it comes from. As long as it is rocking a Qualcomm chipset, you can simply install the Qualcomm USB Drivers on your computer and simply connect your Android device to your PC and they will communicate properly.

But, hey, why would you need a driver if your device is right? The Qualcomm Drivers might come in handy when your device is bricked and you want to unbrick your device by installing a stock firmware. In such cases, it is mandatory that you have the Qualcomm HS USB Drivers on your computer.

Download Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver

There are two versions of the driver available for download. You can download the one you need by clicking below:

For Direct Installation

These files are just standard Windows Installation packages (.exe format). Please note that there are two versions available for download. Once is Qualcomm Drivers for 64 Bit computers and another one is Qualcomm Drivers for 64 Bit computers. It is important that you choose the right version which would be compatible with your computer. Installing a non-compatible version may not yield the desired results.

For Manual Installation

If you have chosen to use the manual installation (which is not as tough as you might think, we have step by step guide in the next section), then you want to download the below zip file.

How to Install Qualcomm Drivers on Your Windows PC?

There are two ways by which you can install Qualcomm Drivers on your Windows PC. Both the methods are explained in detail below:

Install Qualcomm USB Drivers | Direct Method

  1. Download the Qualcomm QDLoader USB Driver from the downloads section above. There are two versions. Download the one under ‘For Direct Installation’ section.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder on your computer.
  3. Double click on the “QDLoader HS-USB Driver_64/32bit_Setup.exe” file. Be sure to download the right version of the file according to your device architecture.qualcomm-qdloader-hs-usb-driver-64-bit-32-bit-1
  4. In the screen that appears, simply click ‘Next‘.qualcomm-qdloader-hs-usb-driver-64-bit-32-bit-2
  5. Make sure to click “I accept the terms in the license agreement” in the next screen. And then click “Next“.qualcomm-qdloader-hs-usb-driver-64-bit-32-bit-3
  6. Click “Install” to being installing Qualcomm Drivers on your computer.qualcomm-qdloader-hs-usb-driver-64-bit-32-bit-4
  7. Done!

Install Qualcomm Drivers | Manual Method

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of ADB and Fastboot Setup on your PC.
  2. Download the Qualcomm drivers from the downloads section above. There are two versions. Download the one under ‘For Manual Installation’ section.
  3. If you are on Windows 8 or above, you may be want to turn off driver signature verification on your PC: Follow this guide.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your device, if you have not done that already.
  5. Connect your phone to the PC via USB Cable.
  6. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable.
  7. Go to the folder where you have the adb and fastboot files are installed on your PC.
  8. Now, hold down the Shift Key + Right Click > Open Command Window here. Please note that in some of the modern computers it might be like ‘Open PowerShell Window here‘, which is completely fine too. You can use either one of them. ADB-Fastboot-Open-Command-Window
  9. In the command prompt/power shell window that appears, execute the below command:
    adb reboot edl
  10. Open Device Manager on your computer.
    ⇒ Method 1: Right click on My Computer > Select ‘Manage’.
    ⇒ Method 2: Press Windows Key + R. When the Run prompt appears: Type devmgmt.msc and press ‘OK‘.qualcomm-qdloader-hs-usb-driver-64-bit-32-bit-5
  11. Make sure you have extracted the downloaded Qualcomm Drivers Zip file into a folder before proceeding to the next step.
  12. In the Device Manager: Look for your device. It will be mentioned as ‘Unknown Device or QHUSB_BULK‘ which a small yellow exclamatory notice over it.qualcomm-qdloader-hs-usb-driver-64-bit-32-bit-6Right click on it and select ‘Update device software‘. Then choose the driver folder manually by browsing to the folder where you have extracted the Qualcomm Drivers and install the same.qualcomm-qdloader-hs-usb-driver-64-bit-32-bit-7
  13. After installing the above driver, the device will be shown as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 and there will be no yellow exclamatory signs. qualcomm-qdloader-hs-usb-driver-64-bit-32-bit-8
  14. And you are done!

That is all; you now have successfully installed Qualcomm Drivers on your computer.

Final Thoughts

Though the easiest way to install Qualcomm Drivers is the first direct installation method, it might cause some issues. If you fail to install the Qualcomm QDL Drivers with the direct installation method, do give the second manual installation method a try. I have used it more than a couple of times and it has a 100% success rate.

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