Oppo Teases Under Display Selfie Camera Phone in a New Video

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Just when we thought the smartphone design has not changed for years, we were slapped right in the face with the ‘Notch’. Thanks to Apple, almost every single manufacturer out there has now adapted to the ‘Notch’ trend. The notch design is not very popular among the users. Yes, there are some people who like it and some who are okay with it but most would rather not have a notch.

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But it looks like things might change for good in the near future. Oppo has always been coming up with new ways to hide the notch. Oppo Find X came with a sliding mechanism where the front-facing camera was hidden. And then more recently, Oppo Reno featured a ‘Shark Fin’ slide in an attempt to get rid of the notch.

Now, Oppo is taking the game to a whole new level. A couple of weeks ago, the official Oppo Twitter handle posted a video of what seemed like a prototype device with an under-the-display camera. Here, take a look:

Now, Oppo has released an official teaser hinting at the official unveiling of a device with an under-display camera. Here’s the video:

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It turns out that Oppo will demo the prototype at the MWC Shanghai 2019. The event will begin at 2 PM local time according to a source. Stay tuned for more coverage on this exciting new tech!

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