How To Open DLL Files? (4 Ways)

As you all know, the DLL files are very important for Windows to run properly. The dynamic link library files in Windows are used to streamline the processes and it helps in creating a more efficient code to rescue in the newer versions of Windows.

To open the DLL files on your computer, you will need a special type of software or tool for that. It is advised to keep the DLL files as they are. If you try to modify or change the DLL files then it can cause the system to malfunction or in some cases it can corrupt the whole Windows system.

Open DLL Files • How To Open DLL Files? (4 Ways)

However, if you know very well how to handle DLL files and know how to optimize them for better use of these DLL files then you can go through this post to know how you can open and edit the DLL files on your computer.

What is a DLL File?

A DLL file is a type of file that is used inside the Windows operating system. We can say it is the backbone of the whole operating system and several background processes and services of Windows run on these DLL files.

Typically, they run in the background and you don’t need to open them every time you want to use these library files. But there are certain scenarios where you need to open a DLL file so that you can streamline programming processes or to determine if a DLL file is missing.

How to Open DLL Files

If you want to open DLL files on your computer, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Determine the use of the DLL File

In most cases, the DLL files run in the background of the Windows program that you are running. However, a single DLL file may often have a variety of different functions that it can perform. Some of the common functions that a DLL file includes-

  • Drawing graphics
  • Displaying text
  • Managing fonts
  • Making calculations

Find a Program that can open a DLL File and Follow the steps to open the file

You can find quite a few programs on the internet that can open the DLL files on your computer, through which you might be able to modify or change them accordingly. By default, Microsoft Windows has a registry program where you can register the DLL files.

One of the most common tools through which you can access the DLL files in Visual Studio. The Visual studio program lets you see the DLL files online and you don’t need to download anything. Below we have four different methods through which you can open a DLL file on your computer.

Opening DLL Files on Windows 7 and newer Registry

The steps and methods mentioned below are for DLL files that are created for Windows 7 or the newer version.

  1. Open The Command Prompt- You can simply open the command prompt window on your computer by going to the Windows start menu or by holding the Windows key+R and then type cmd in the window that appears and press enter.
  2. Open the Folder with DLL File- Find and open the folder where you have the DLL files stored. Once inside the directory, you need to hold the shift key and then right-click the folder to open the command prompt directly in that folder.
  3. Type regsvr32[DLL name].dll” and press Enter- This function can add the DLL file to your Windows registry. This will help you in accessing your DLL file. You can use this function to add new DLL files to your computer to access it.
  4. Type “regsvr32 -u [DLL name].dll” and press Enter- With the help of this function you will be able to remove the DLL file from the registry. So, if you have by chance added a wrong DLL file on your computer, then you can use this function to remove it from your computer.

Microsoft Windows Visual Studio

A Visual studio is a tool that can be used to view, edit and build a code into a DLL file. it is a very powerful tool that is created by Microsoft. When you import code to visual studio, it will automatically convert the code into the programming language C# even if the code was written in a different language.

  1. Download Microsoft Visual Studio- Before you start downloading Visual Studio on your computer, make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirement to run the Visual studio. Once confirmed, you can run the installer to install visual studio on your computer.
  2. Open the folder that has the DLL file and Select ” Export to Project”- You can use any other program to view your code, and if you find that a line of code needs to be changed then you can right-click the DLL file to export it to Visual Studio. This will take the DLL file from the program that you are using and then it will move it into the Visual Studio.
  3. Edit the Code- If you are using Visual Studio, then you may edit the code to run the functions that you want. Visual Studio can also be used to view the DLL file without editing it.

Visual Studio Online

If you are having a hard time installing the visual Studio, or you don’t have that much time to install the visual studio on your computer. You can use the Visual studio online version. Below are the steps to open a DLL file using the online version of Microsoft Visual studio.

  1. Open a Web Browser- On your computer head to the internet browser and open the visual studio from the search bar, this way you can do your work more efficiently.
  2. Enter the web address of Visual Studio- On the search bar or the address bar you need to type to open the Visual Studio on the browser.
  3. Sign in or Create an Account- To use Visual Studio online, you need to sign in to Microsoft account and if you don’t have one, then you will have to create one.
  4. Upload the DLL File- Once you have logged into Visual Studio online, you need to find and upload the DLL file from your computer using the file explorer. That’s it you will be able to read and edit it, inside the browser itself.

Decompiler Program

Alternatively, you can use the decompiler program to open the DLL file on your computer. A decompiler is a program or a tool that is designed to take input as the functional code and then create a usable file where you can edit, modify or redesign the functional code.

One of the safest options to edit a DL file would be to use the decompiler to edit it. As it allows you to look at the code without changing it and affecting your computer. To use the decompiler program to open the DLL file, you can follow the tutorial below.

  1. Find a Decompiler program and install it- There are several different options available on the internet from which you can choose decompiler programs. Choose the one that you feel is trustworthy and you are comfortable using.
  2. Open the DLL files in the decompiler- The process of opening a DLL file on the decompiler program may vary, depending on the decompiler program you are using. But you may find a button that you can click and should be named File. This should open a list where you can find the DLL file that you are looking to open.
  3. Use the Assembly Explorer to Browse the DLL file- Usually, the DLL files store information like ‘Nodes and Subnodes’. You can explore a decompiler easily. All you need to do is click on one of the nodes and you may see all of the subnodes that are present in it.
  4. Double-Click on the Node to see the code Contained within it- When you can view the code, you can scroll through it to review it and ensure that different aspects are executing properly and the way you want these functions to execute.

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