OnePlus 7 Pro Pop Camera Durability Tested

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

So, OnePlus 7 is finally here and the company did great with its new flagship. The OnePlus 7 has created a lot of buzzes recently due to its all screen body and the pop-up camera. Due consideration to its beastly specification as well. But what is more talk of concern for many users is the durability of the camera module.


When smartphone manufacturers like Oppo and Vivo came up with their version of the pop-up camera, it was hugely recognized but its durability was topics for the smartphone critics. As per official statement is concerned, OnePlus says that it will be fine with at least 300,000 pop-ups over the lifetime of the phone. The point to note that the lifetime of a phone depends on person to person.

You can watch the official video posted by the company OnePlus itself taking a matter of the durability of the camera in their own hands. This video shows that the pop-up camera can withstand a 22KG slab of cement without breaking it. Sound’s interesting, please watch the official video on YouTube (for some reasons the company has restricted watching the video on other sources).

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According to a report by Android Policeif you somehow play with the pop-up camera, it will retract and warn you not to do it. And, if you continue to play with it further, it will give you a “timeout” meaning the camera won’t come back out for a specific time. Moreover, the sensors in the smartphone also detect fall and shut the pop-up camera down once it detects the mobile is falling.

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It has attained a  score of 111 on the DxOMark which is a point behind the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Huawei P30 Pro. Now if you are like me (who does not care about the DxOMark score) that uses the camera before judging it, then the score should not bother you. Stay tuned for more tech news on ThemeFoxx.

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