How To Enable Stereo Speakers On OnePlus 6

Every Single year, literally thousands of smartphones are launched. The Android ecosystem is so diverse that it is a great task to single out the right device that fits your needs. But, let me tell you something – none of these devices are perfect. Well, nothing is, to be honest. The thing is, even the devices which pay almost a thousand dollars does not come without any major cons. The manufacturers always find a way to mess something up.

For example, OnePlus is a great device. It has an amazing build quality, great specs, smooth software and many other ‘greats’. But, there is one little (or big) downside – the speakers. The users have been asking for a stereo speaker setup and none of these manufacturers seem to pay attention, including OnePlus. Hmm, who asked for the notch I wonder.


But, today, let us fix that. In this guide, we will tell you how you can download and install the OnePlus 6 Stereo Speaker Mod.

OnePlus 6 Stereo Speaker Mod

Let us face it – stereo speakers are awesome. If there is one thing I miss about my old Nexus 6P, it would be the insanely good stereo speakers. Boy, that thing spoiled so bad that none of the mono-speakers are good enough for me now. Don’t get me wrong, the OnePlus 6 speakers are fine, just not ‘great’. If you don’t play many games or watch movies on your phone (without headphones), you probably are not gonna miss anything. This is for those who love a good stereo speaker effect on their devices.

XDA Senior Member acervenky has come up with a brilliant Stereo speaker mod for OnePlus 6. What this mod does is that it enables the earpiece at the top of the phone to be used as a secondary speaker while playing music or videos. This was achieved by making a few modifications to the mixer file (which holds the value for sound and stuff, among other things).

Disclaimer: Though this mod has been tested out safely by several users, it is our responsibility to advise our users to take at most precaution while doing this. If you are not entirely sure about what you are doing, you should probably not do it. That said, I, the author, ThemeFoxx or the Developer, do not take any responsibility for the consequences.


  • OnePlus 5 with Root
  • Oxygen OS (May or may not work on custom ROMs, not sure).
  • Magisk

Download OnePlus 6 Stereo Speaker Mod

You can download the stereo speaker mod for OnePlus 6 by clicking below:

How to Install Stereo Speaker Mod on OnePlus 6

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the file from the above link and have it on your OnePlus 6.
  2. Open Magisk Manager App.
  3. Tap on the Menu icon in the top left corner.OnePlus-6-Stereo-Speaker-Mod (1)
  4. Tap on ‘Modules‘.OnePlus-6-Stereo-Speaker-Mod (2)
  5. Tap on the Big Yellow Plus+‘ button at the bottom.OnePlus-6-Stereo-Speaker-Mod (3)
  6. You will be asked to select the Magisk Module zip file. Browse and select the same.OnePlus-6-Stereo-Speaker-Mod (4)
  7. After you select the zip file, press ‘Install’ if you are asked, to flash Magisk Module via Magisk Manager App.
  8. The above step will flash the Magisk module. Once the flashing process completes, tap on ‘REBOOT‘ at the bottom of the screen for the changes to take effect. OnePlus-6-Stereo-Speaker-Mod (5)
  9. Reboot your OnePlus 6.

That is all. Once your device reboots, you should have stereo speaker effect enabled on your OnePlus 6. You should be able to notice a noticeable difference in the sound when you are watching a movie or listening to a song. Be sure to follow the original XDA thread for support and future updates. This is the easiest way to install stereo speaker mod on OnePlus 6.

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