How to Enable Stereo Speakers on OnePlus 5T

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

OnePlus 5T is an amazing device in many ways and it is the best OnePlus device yet. But it would be great if OnePlus 5T had stereo speakers as well. In this guide, we will tell you how you can get Stereo Speakers on your OnePlus 5T. Read ahead to know how to install the OnePlus 5T Stereo Speaker Mod.

Many devices in the mid-range have the stereo dual speakers. It is not much appreciated by people but many of them would like to have the stereo speakers on their devices. If your device has stereo speakers at the front you know how it feels to have such nice speakers. This year One Plus 5 a high-end mid-range device was launched. It was sad knowing that One Plus will not implement stereo speakers in the device. But a big thanks to the developer, we can install a stereo speaker mode manually.

After the One Plus 5, One Plus launched the One Plus 5T which boomed in the market due to full-screen display but the specs were similar to the One Plus 5. It was disappointing that it also didn’t have the stereo speakers but you can manually install the stereo speaker mod in your One Plus 5T.

OnePlus 5T Stereo Speaker Mod

The OnePlus 5 stereo speaker mod made the earpiece as a small speaker and lowered the volume through the main speaker to match that of the earpiece. This gave a richer and better audio experience as compared to a single loudspeaker. This mod was originally created for the OnePlus 3T by magura320. It was then ported to work with the OnePlus 5 by another XDA dev ram4ufriends. Now, that mod has once again been modified to work with the OnePlus 5T by XDA senior member andrizmitnick.

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This stereo speaker mod for One Plus 5T will give you a clear, richer and a better audio experience. Also, this is the one the best mod for One Plus 5T.


  • Your One Plus 5T must be Rooted.
  • Your One Plus 5T must have Oxygen OS. If you are using a custom ROM then it must be based on Oxygen OS since this Mod is based on Oxygen OS.

Note: This mod will only work for One Plus 5T.

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Download Stereo Speaker Mod for OnePlus 5T

Steps to Enable Stereo Speakers on One Plus 5T

Step 1: Download the file given in the download section.

Step 2: Open Magisk Manager app

Step 3: Drag to the right and you will see a menu. Tap on Modules from the menu.


Step 4: Once you are in the Modules section Tap on the Add button(yellow color button) at the center bottom of the screen.


Step 5: Now you will be redirected to the file manager. Navigate and select the file which you downloaded from the download section to install it.


Step 6: Once done Reboot your One Plus 5T.

How to Select Stereo Mode Speaker Control App in One Plus 5T

You will find a new app in the Magisk Module which will be OP5TSpeakerCtrl. You can use this app for selecting the speaker modes. There are basically 2 modes Mono and Stereo. You might be confused which one to use right? let me give you a short description of both of them and then you can make your choice.

  • Mono – In this mode the main loudspeaker’s volume is set to maximum and it is fed with a downmix of the left and right channels.
  • Stereo –  In this mode, the main loudspeaker’s volume is lowered to match the volume of the earpiece and is fed with the right audio channel (true stereo).
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There is again more customization in the modes, you can manually select between the two modes when needed since most people like to do it their way or you can let the app automatically select one for you. It also provides more functionality’s which are

  • Adaptive – In this the stereo operation is applied when the screen is on and mono when the screen is off
  • Stock –  In this, the mode of operation does not change automatically. It is manually selected by tapping the Mono and Stereo buttons in the app’s permanent notification.

This is the easiest way to install Stereo Speaker Mod on OnePlus 5T.


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