Download OnePlus 5T EMUI Theme for EMUI 5 Devices

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Download the OnePlus 5T EMUI Themes for all Huawei and Honor devices running EMUI 5. Huawei’s EMUI is one of the most customizable Android skins around. It is hard to deny the fact that EMUI takes inspiration from various UIs such as Apple’s iOS, Xiaomi’s MIUI and some other skins from other manufacturers. On the other hand, OnePlus Oxygen OS is close to stock. Although, it does come with a lot of little customizations of its own. For example, you can customize the accent colors and the base theme of the device. There is even an option to change the font on the device but as of now, it is limited to only two fonts. Today, we are bringing you the OnePlus 5T EMUI Theme which can be installed on any Huawei and Honor devices running EMUI 5. All credits go to the developer App_Labs!

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OnePlus 5T EMUI Theme

The OnePlus 5T EMUI Theme we have today provides the most complete OnePlus experience on your Huawei or Honor device running EMUI 5.

Below are the highlights of the theme:

  • OnePlus 5T UI
  • OnePlus 5T Wallpapers
  • OnePlus 5T Icons
  • OnePlus 5T Style Quick Settings
  • OnePlus 5T Style Phone App
  • OnePlus 5T Style Messaging
  • OnePlus 5T Style Contacts
  • OnePlus 5T Style Settings
  • More!
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Take a look at the screenshots below:

Download OnePlus 5T EMUI Theme

You can download the OnePlus 5T EMUI Theme.hwt for all EMUI 5 devices by clicking below:

Download Theme

Or else, you can also download the below app from Google Play:

How to Install OnePlus 5T EMUI Theme

Follow the below instructions to install the OnePlus 5T Theme:


  1. Open Themes.
  2. Go to ‘Me‘ section.
  3. Select ‘OnePlus‘.
  4. Apply.
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