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If you are a close follower of the latest happenings in the smartphone world (a.k.a geek) then you would have probably known that OnePlus makes the most developer friendly devices after Nexus and Pixel. Heck, they even went on to say that rooting their phone will not void the warranty! That being said, most people who buy OnePlus phone look to root their device and install a custom recovery like TWRP. I mean, with a variety of custom ROMs available, who wouldn’t? OnePlus 5 is the latest addition to the OnePlus portfolio and we already have methods in place to unlock, root and install TWRP recovery on OnePlus 5. But if you are looking for an all in one tool to do those things, then you are in the right place. OnePlus 5 ToolKit – a tool to unlock the bootloader, install TWRP, Root, relock bootloader, flash factory image etc.

About the OnePlus 5 ToolKit: As a matter of fact, there are more than one of these toolkits, by different developers. More is good, right? This article will feature all of them and will be updated as and when a new toolkit pops up. Stay in touch!


According to the developer, this Unified Android Toolkit brings together all the Google, Nexus, OnePlus and Samsung Toolkits and supports many devices. There is also an option at startup to run a Basic Android Toolkit which any Android device can use to install drivers, make app backups, install apk files, reboot the device into different modes and run a command prompt for manual input.oneplus-5-toolkit-skipsoft-android-toolkit

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Features of Skipsoft Android ToolKit for OnePlus 5

  • ALL IN ONE tool to Unlock, Flash Recovery, Root, Rename the restore file + install Busybox (G,N,O)
  • Install correct adb/fastboot drivers automatically
  • Backup/Restore a single package or all apps, user data and Internal Storage
  • Sideload root/unroot files via Custom Recovery
  • Flash Stock Recovery, CWM touch, Philz_touch or TWRP Touch Recovery
  • Much More! You can read all about it on the Skipsoft Toolkit Official Website.

Download Skipsoft Android ToolKit for OnePlus 5

You can always download the latest version of the SkipSoft Android Toolkit for OnePlus 5 by visiting the below link:

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Skipsoft Android ToolKit for OnePlus 5

Psst, that’s not all! scroll down for more toolkits!

2. TOOL ALL IN ONE for OnePlus 5

According to the developer mauronofrio, this tool currently supports 17 devices (OnePlus 5 being one among them) of different companies and all the controls have been tailored to each device. With the update i (the developer) have added a “Generic Phone” option and so you can use this tool with all phone that support fastboot and adb to do some things. Try the new feature: Recovery Zip Flasher.oneplus-5-toolkit-all-in-oneoneplus-5-toolkit-all-in-one-2

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Features of TOLL ALL IN ONE

  • Install Drivers
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Lock Bootloader
  • Flash TWRP Recovery
  • Flash Stock Recovery
  • Flash Stock Factory Image
  • Install APKs
  • Flash Partitions
  • Much more! You can read more about the tool by visiting the source link mentioned below!

Download TOOL ALL IN ONE for OnePlus 5

You can always download the latest version of the SkipSoft Android Toolkit for OnePlus 5 by visiting the below link:

TOOL ALL IN ONE for OnePlus 5

If I am not wrong, there will definitely be more OnePlus 5 toolkits in near future and when they become available, this article will be updated. Stay tuned!

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