[Mod] Enable Stereo Speaker on OnePlus 5

Let’s face it, we all love stereo speakers. They are absolutely amazing while you are watching videos on your phone or when you are playing games. Unfortunately, not all the phones come with stereo speakers. Even the ones we love, don’t come with stereo speakers. Personally, I absolutely love the OnePlus 5. It has a great design (let’s forget that it resembles iPhone 7 for a while), spot on specs and an arguably great camera. But, that lacks a stereo speakers as well. In this article, we will tell you how to get stereo speakers (sort-of) on your OnePlus 5.

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Stereo Speaker Mod for OnePlus 5

This mod modifies (thank you, Captain. Obvious) a few system files on your OnePlus 5 which converts the earpiece on your OnePlus 5 into a speaker. It is important to note that the sound output from the earpiece may not be as clear as the output from the main speaker. While this mod does not break anything on your device, it is always important to know what you are getting into.

Download Stereo Speaker Mod for OnePlus 5

There are two ways to get this mod working on your OnePlus 5. One is through flashing it through TWRP which directly changes the system files and the other is through a Magisk Module.

  1. OnePlus 5 Stereo Speaker Mod – TWRP
  2. OnePlus 5 Stereo Speaker Mod – Magisk

Download Stereo Speaker Mod for OnePlus 5

As already stated above, there are two ways to install the mod on your OnePlus 5:

[Important”]There are two different zip files for two different installation methods. Make sure to download the appropriate one. In case your wish to revert this mod, there is a way in the next section.

Method 1: Through TWRP

  1. Copy the downloaded files to your device’s internal storage.
  2. Reboot your device into TWRP recovery:
    • Power Down your OnePlus 5.
    • After the phone is completely switched off – Press and Hold the Power Button and Volume Down Buttons at the Same Time.
    • Continue Holding these two buttons past the OnePlus/Android Splash Screen that appears.
    • When the phone boots into Recovery Mode, release the power and volume down buttons.
  3. Once you are inside TWRP, tap on ‘Install’ from the available options. You will be asked to choose a file to flash/install. Browse and select the downloaded file and then ‘Swipe to install.’
  4. Once the installation is complete, reboot your device.
  5. Done!

Method 2: Through Magisk

  1. Make sure you have Magisk installed on your OnePlus 5.
  2. Copy the downloaded zip to your phone’s internal storage.
  3. Install the module through Magisk Manager App.

Revert the Stereo Speaker Mod

Note that the revert for the stereo speaker is only available for the TWRP method. Download the below zip file and flash it through the recovery.

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