Download Official Xposed Framework for Android Nougat

Download the official Xposed Framework for Android Nougat by rovo69 along with the Xposed Installer APK. One of the major reasons why people root their Android smartphone is to get extra features and to keep their phones up to date with latest Android version. Custom ROMs have been the solution for both of the above-mentioned things. Custom ROMs are often up to date with the current Android version when compared to the version of Android provided by the OEMs. There was a time when you will have to flash a custom ROM on your device if you want to enjoy extra features and customization. But, everything changed when one guy, the legendary rovo69, decided to release a ground-breaking solution – The Xposed Framework for Android. With Xposed Framework, the users no longer need to install a custom ROM to customize their device to their needs.

Official Xposed Framework for Android Nougat

There have been unofficial ports of Xposed Framework for Android Nougat. Even I use it on my OnePlus 3. But, there are several issues with the unofficial solution. For example, not all Xposed Modules are compatible with the Xposed Installer. Only a handful of very few modules were working with the Unofficial Xposed Framework. With the Official Xposed Framework by rovo69 now being available, we can look forward to better widespread support for almost all Xposed Modules without any restrictions. Read ahead to know where to download and how to install official Xposed Framework for Android Nougat.


Finding Your Device Details

Before you proceed to download Xposed Framework for Android Nougat, it is important that you know your device’s CPU architecture. Yes, there are different downloads for different CPU Architectures. You can find this by installing the below app:

Droid Hardware Info
Price: Free

After installing the app, go to the ‘System‘ tab of the app and the CPU architecture will be displayed on the top.

Necessary Downloads

Download the necessary files by clicking below:

1. Xposed Installer:

Xposed Installer is an app to manage the Xposed Framework. Download it by clicking below:

2. Xposed Framework:

It is important that you download the right version of the Xposed Framework for your device. Flashing a wrong version might render your device useless. Proceed with caution. Backing up your device is always a good thing to do. Use the CPU Architecture that you identified in the previous section to download the right file.

  1. For Android 7.0 ARM Devices
  2. For Android 7.0 ARM64 Devices
  3. For Android 7.0 x86 Devices
  4. For Android 7.1 ARM Devices
  5. For Android 7.1 ARM64 Devices
  6. For Android 7.1 x86 Devices

3. Xposed Uninstaller

This will come in handy, if you encounter any issue with the Xposed Installer and need to uninstall it. Download the right version for you device by clicking below:

Install Official Xposed Framework on Android Nougat

  1. Copy the downloaded Xposed Installer APK file, Xposed Framework ZIP file and Xposed Uninstaller ZIP file to your phone.
  2. Install the Xposed Installer APK file by simply tapping on it.
  3. Reboot your device into TWRP recovery.
  4. Tap on ‘Install’ > Browse and select the downloaded zip file > Swipe right to flash.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Done!

Problems and Troubleshooting

In case if you are stuck in bootloop, do not worry.

  1. Hold the power button and turn off your device.
  2. Boot your device into TWRP recovery.
  3. Flash the Xposed Uninstaller Zip file [which you have downloaded from the downloads section above].
  4. Reboot your device.
  5. Done.

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