Download and Install Nokia 8 Android Oreo Firmware Update

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Nokia 8 Android Oreo Update is already released in some countries. If you do not want to wait for the Nokia 8 Android Oreo OTA update to reach you, you can manually install Android Oreo on Nokia 8 right now. In this guide, you download Android Oreo Firmware for Nokia 8 and update it to Android Oreo.

Nokia 8 is the best Nokia has to offer as far as smartphones are concerned. When Nokia decided to make a comeback to the mobile industry, they decided to stick with Android, unlike the last time. And what’s more, Nokia phones ship with Stock Android installed on it. So, if you do not like OEM skins and you are an ardent fan of stock Android, you would love Nokia devices.

Another advantage of using Stock Android is that it is comparatively easy to roll-out new software updates. With the process of customizing the stock Android with an OEM Skin out of the picture, the updates are going to be relatively faster than a few other rival OEMs.

Nokia 8 Android Oreo Update

Nokia, so far, has a good track record of delivering software updates to their Android devices. They even delivered faster updates to their low-end and budget devices. the latest addition to the list is the Android Oreo Update for Nokia

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The Nokia 8 Android Oreo Update brings all the Android Oreo goodness to the device. Some of the notable features of the Android Oreo are Picture-in-picture mode, Auto-fill API, notification channels, notification dots. There are also several other under the hood improvements and a few other subtle UI changes. Read ahead to download Nokia 8 Android Oreo Stock Firmware.

Download Nokia 8 Android Oreo Stock Firmware

You can download the Android Oreo Stock Firmware for Nokia 8 by clicking below:

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The above firmware is compatible with the models mentioned below: Nokia 8 Oreo Update Supported Devices • Download and Install Nokia 8 Android Oreo Firmware Update

If your model is not mentioned in the list above, do not attempt to flash it on your device.

How to install Android Oreo Update on Nokia 8

  1. Download the two zip files containing Nokia OST Tool:
  2. Unzip both the zip files.
  3. Go to Nokia OST Tool Folder. You will find an executable file named ‘Launcher‘. Double click and install the Nokia OST Tool on your Windows PC.
  4. The Nokia OST tool will be installed in the below location on your PC:
    C:Program Files (x86)OST LA
  5. Go to the folder named Nokia OST Tool Patch. You will find an executable file named OnlineUpdateTool.
  6. Go to the folder where OST Tool is installed.
  7. Paste the copied file into the folder. You will be asked whether to replace the existing file – replace it.Nokia-OST-Tool
  8. Delete the file named ‘OnlineUpdateTool.exe.config’.
  9. Now, double-click on the file name OnlineUpdateTool.
  10. You will be at the welcome screen, with a warning message. Click Next.Nokia-Online-Service-Tool (1)
  11. In the next screen, you will be asked to select the stock firmware file. Browse and select the downloaded Android Oreo stock firmware file.Install-Stock-Firmware-Nokia-Android
  12. Boot your Nokia 8 into download mode.
  13. Connect your Nokia 8 to your PC via USB Cable.
  14. Once you connect it to your PC, the Edit Phone Information button will be enabled.
  15. Click on that button. You will get an error message, this is expected. Do not worry. Simply press OK.
  16. The Next button should now be active. Click on it to flash Android Oreo firmware on Nokia 8.
  17. Wait for the flashing process to complete and reboot your device.
  18. Done!
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Once your device reboots, you will be greeted with the Android setup screen. Set up your device and enjoy Android Oreo on Nokia 8. This is the easiest way to install Android Oreo on Nokia 8.

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