Mobile Applications: Making Life More Convenient

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Mobile phones are becoming the most important part of our lives. Firstly, used only as a telecommunication device, is now became the whole package of utilities in one small device. Those utilities are known as Applications. A mobile application is a software program invented for running on mobile devices and tablets. Then in 2009 the term “Mobile Application” shortened into “App” by American Dialect Society. It also became the “word of the year” in the year 2010.

Mobile devise generally comes with the build of application features. Some inbuilt applications are:

  • Web Browser
  • Email Client
  • Calendar
  • Music Player
  • Weather Information

Mobile applications come generally in following operating systems:

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft

Mobile apps are so convenient that most people use only them instead of desktops. According to a survey of comScore on May 2012, the ratio of web browsed through mobile phones with respect to a desktop or laptop was 51%: 49%. The development of mobile applications is really hard.

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Here are 11 important points to remember, while creating a mobile application:

  • Deep Market Research
  • Efficiency
  • Always serve something different
  • Don’t keep the users waiting
  • Price your mobile app correctly
  • Know your target audience
  • Become a master of one platform
  • Focus on your marketing strategies
  • Test your app before it hits the market
  • Empathise your description
  • Know your budget in advance

The apps are all about the customer satisfaction. User interface always matters, when apps are being created. More the user-friendly more will be the downloads. Applications for education are the most trending now a day. Apps like “JEE Main practice tests are the most rated and most downloaded application in Android and IOS. The mobile application provides previous test papers, multiple choice questions and the answers of those with explanations. The reviews and rating always help the developer to improve their applications. A good review creates a great impression on other customers. It helps to get a lead and then that leads get converted into conversions.

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Mobile applications are accommodating their place not only in engineering but also in the field of medical science. Mobile applications like “Practo” provides the full and genuine information about the doctors and the hospitals. We can book an appointment with the doctor according to our convenience. Also, apps like “NEET 2018provides every information about the NEET examinations.

Mobile applications are being tested in two ways:


  • The emulators provide a cheap way to examine the applications
  • Tools like Google Android Emulator, TestiPhone, Windows UI Automation
  • Field Testing
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You should think as a user as well and take the pros and cons of the mobile application seriously. Your user’s motivation matters a lot than anything else. The foundation of the app must be strong and impressive.

However, there is a method known as KJ Technique which allows a group of members to plant design properties. App development is a strategic process rather than a technical process. Therefore, it must be refined fundamentally in the company’s values and objectives.

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