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Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Download and install the Microsoft Launcher on your Android device. Microsoft has been trying hard to get their share of space in the mobile platform. They initially tried their luck by partnering with Nokia and then went on buy the brand to make their own phones. But we all know how that went. Windows mobile could hold it’s ground in front of it’s counterparts, Android and iOS. Microsoft has been looking for alternative ways to get their product and services in the hands of mobile consumers. And what better way to do that than offering their services to the already existing, famous mobile OS’? Microsoft has been slowly increasing its portfolio of apps for Android and iOS. The Microsoft Launcher is the latest addition.

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Microsoft Launcher for Android

You might already remember that Microsoft had a launcher app for Android in the name of Arrow Launcher. It was good but not up to the mark of some other free launchers in the Google Play Store. Microsoft Launcher is yet another attempt from Microsoft in designing a Launcher for Android that people might love. I personally tried the Microsoft Launcher and it sure has a lot of potential! Take a look the below screenshots of Microsoft Launcher in action:

Key Features of Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher comes with a lot of options to customizing the launcher and we Android folks, love customization! Below are a few features that caught my attention:

  • Ability to change Icon Packs.
  • Ability to change the size of icons.
  • Multiple Grid Sizes.
  • Utility Page.
  • Frequent Contacts.
  • Frequent Apps.
  • News feed.
  • Swipe up to get quick control.
  • Notification badges.
  • Bing daily wallpapers.
  • Built in bing search.
  • Gesture control.
  • Backup/restore settings.
  • Much more!
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The above listed are just a few among the wide variety of features that the Microsoft Launcher offers.

Download Microsoft Launcher for Android

You can download the microsoft Launcher for Android by clicking below:

Microsoft Launcher
Price: Free

Do checkout the launcher and let us know your opinions on it in the comments section below!

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