Microsoft Edge Browser for Mac has leaked [Download Links]

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Just yesterday, Microsoft teased the Edge browser for macOS and now we have it available for download. All thanks to the Twitter user WalkingCat who discovered the links for download from the official Microsoft servers. For those who are not in the know, Microsoft Edge is a more modern browser offered by default on all Windows machines. It can be seen as a successor to the now-infamous Internet Explorer.

It is important to note here that the Edge browser which available for download is based on Chromium which also powers Google Chrome. Microsoft has been working on migrating Edge browser to Chromium on all platforms. As a part of the same initiative, Microsoft is currently actively working on bringing the same to macOS too.

Credits: The Verge

Below are some of the highlights of the Microsoft Edge browser which is supposed to come in the near future:

  • Support for Mac Keyboard shortcuts
  • Refreshed button layout to match native macOS look.
  • Touch Bar Support
  • Options for Media Control Sliders
  • Ability to switch tables using Touch Bar
  • Rounder Corners design for tabs
  • Collection feature to collect images, text, and general notes from the web
  • Privacy Controls
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Now that Microsoft’s official download links are live, it is safe to say that the Edge for Mac official announcement is just around the corner. But if you do not want to wait till the official availability, you can grab the latest versions from the below download links:

Please note that the above are not stable builds. Canary is a daily update build and Dev is a weekly update built; both of them are not meant for everyday use.

via The Verge

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