Lineage OS/CyanogenMod File Manager APK For All Devices

Everyone would have heard of the Custom ROMs in Android even if they have not personally flashed them on their devices. When we talk about custom ROMs in Android, it is impossible to not think about CyanogenMod – the community-driven custom ROM that has recently re-invented itself as Lineage OS recently. CyanogenMod/Lineage OS comes with a handful of useful features that makes it the go-to solution for anyone planning to try a custom ROM on their device.

It comes with a dedicated, full-featured file manager, music player and many more apps and customization options. Today, we have the CyanogenMod/Lineage OS File Manager APK which can be installed on any Android device.


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CyanogenMod/Lineage OS File Manager Screenshots

Below are a few screenshots of the CyanogenMod File Manager in action:

How to Install CyanogenMod/Lineage OS File Manager


The first thing you have to do is that check your Android version. If you are running an older version of Android, then chances are that the latest version of the file manager will not work. In such cases, try one of the older versions.

There are 3 ways to install the File Manager on your device.

Way 1: Direct Installation

Simply download the APK file and install it.

Way 2: Flash the .zip file

  1. Download the .zip file.
  2. Reboot to recovery > Flash the .zip file.

Way 3: Manual Install

1) Copy the apk with an existing file manager with root access to /system/apps
2) Change file permissions to rw-r-r (like all the others apps in this folder)
3) Reboot your phone

Download CyanogenMod/Lineage OS File Manager

There are three versions of the file manager so far, choose the one that fits your Android version:

Version APK File Flashable Zip
CMFileManager-1.0.0 Download Download
CMFileManager-1.0.3 Download Download
CMFileManager-3.0.0 Download Download

Note: Version 3.0.0 seems to be working only on Android 4.4.X and higher versions of Android.

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