Download Lineage OS Browser [Jelly] APK for All Devices

CyanogenMod was the most popular after market distribution of Android ever. I had used CyanogenMod on my Samsung Galaxy Y when Android Gingerbread was the latest version of Android. Since then, CyanogenMod has come a long way before its unfortunate and painful death a few months ago. But, thankfully, it did not die completely. It was reborn as LineageOS. At the most, LineageOS is the most popular after market distribution of Android ever. A lot of famous custom ROMs still use Lineage OS ROMs as a base to make their own ROMs. That shows the power of Lineage OS. Today, we are bringing you the LineageOS Browser APK which can be installed on any Android device.

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Lineage OS Browser APK • Download Lineage OS Browser [Jelly] APK for All Devices

Jello – LineageOS Browser

Jello is the official name of the LineageOS Browser that comes preinstalled in it. The app is very very lightweight and is very fast! Below are a few screenshots of the Jello Browser in action:

Features of Jelly – LineageOS Browser

  • Chrome like tabs in recents menu.
  • AOSP Based – more secure.
  • Based on the System Webview.
  • Default search engine is Google.
  • Extremely lightweight. Just 1.7 MB!

Download LineageOS Browser APK

You can download the LineageOS Jello Browser APK by clicking below:

Download APK

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