Download JOdin3 for Mac for Samsung Galaxy Devices

JOdin3 for Mac OS X is now available for download. JOdin can be used to flash Stock firmware, root and even install custom ROMs on Samsung Galaxy devices.

While there are quite a few other methods to flash stock firmware on Samsung Android devices, Odin still remains the most preferred on and the most trusted one. Why? Because it is made by none other than Samsung itself. I mean, who else would make a perfect tool to flash stock firmware on a device than it’s own manufacturer, right?


Unfortunately, Samsung only makes Odin for Windows operating system. All other OS such as Linux and Mac are left out in the cold. But that doesn’t mean there is no way to flash stock firmware using a Mac, nope. There are some other alternative ways to do that. If you remember, we had written about Odin for Mac and Linux. Well, JOdin is another solution which we recommend, if you are looking for Odin for MacOS X.

JOdin3: Odin for Mac OS X

JOdin3 is a direct port of the Windows version of Odin by the XDA Recognized Contributor AdamOutler. The beautiful thing about this is that it works on all three major operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux. Since Samsung didn’t quite bother to make an official Odin for Mac, we can make use of this to get the exact same experience on Mac.

Odin is pretty much the only solution out there if you are want to flash stock firmware on your device. But you will soon have to face the truth that it is not officially available for any other platform than Windows. With JOdin3 in place, that issue is thrown out the window.

JOdin3 works with latest Android Pie firmware too!

Not only latest firmware, all the latest phones such as Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 9, etc are also supported.

Here are some of the features of JOdin3:

JOdin3 Features
  • Based on Heimdall Tool.
  • USB Drivers are automatically installed on Windows Machines.
  • Automatically obtains PIT file with a single device reboot.
  • Heimdall will be installed automatically on macOS. Heimdall is a must for this tool to run on Mac.
  • Supports flashing both .TAR or .TAR.MD5 files.

Requirements to Install JOdin3

  1. Install Java RunTime Environment.
  2. Make sure you have necessary USB Drivers installed on your Windows PC.
  3. Download and install Heimdall: WindowsmacOS or Linux
  4. Uninstall Samsung KIES / Smart Sync from your computer

Make sure the above check list is good before proceeding with the installation.

Download JOdin3

You can download the latest version of JOdin3 by clicking below:

Download JOdin3

How to Install JOdin3 on MacOS X

Follow the below step-by-step guide to install JOdin3 on MacOS X:

  1. Jave is a must to run the JOdin3 on any OS. If you have not done that already, download and install it on your Mac: Java Runtime Environment
  2. Heimdall is another requirement for JOdin3 to function properly. Download heimdall-suite-1.4.0-mac.dmg and follow the on-screen instructions. Note: .DMG files are only meant for macOS.
  3. Uninstall Samsung Smart Switch and Samsung KIES if you have them installed on your Mac.
  4. Extract file which you had downloaded earlier from the downloads section. Unzip the same anywhere on your Mac.
  5. Open the JOdin3CASUAL-r1017-dist.jar file from the extracted folder.
  6. Done. Now you should see a screen similar to the below one: JOdin3-for-Mac-1

If you see the above screen, you have successfully installed JOdin3 – Odin for MacOS X.

How to Use JOdin on MacOS X to Flash Stock Firmware

Follow the below step-by-step detailed guide to use JOdin3 to flash Stock Firmware (or other files) on your Samsung Galaxy device.

  1. Download the required files (Stock Firmware or Recovery or ROM file) in .TAR format.
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy device. You can go to Settings > Developer options to enable USB Debugging if you have already enabled Developer options before. If you do not have the Developer Options enabled, then here a guide on how to do that: How to Enable USB Debugging on Android.
  3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your Mac with a USB cable.
  4. Double click and open the .JAR file (JOdin3) that you had downloaded earlier.
  5. Now you should have JOdin opened up with a green Connected line under ID:COM.
  6. Click on the PDA button > browse and select the .TAR / .TAR.MD5 file which you had downloaded to flash on your device.
  7. Boot your Samsung Galaxy device into the Download Mode. Google this, if you do not know how to do it.
    Alternatively could try this: To boot into Download Mode: Power off your device > Press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby buttons simultaneously.
  8. Make sure only the Auto-Reboot option is checked in JOdin.
  9. Click the Start button to start the procedure.
  10. Make sure you have the PIT file of your device with you. Click Yes when prompted, to proceed.
  11. Next, once again boot your Samsung Galaxy into Download Mode as you did in Step 7. This time, JOdin will automatically fetch your phone’s PIT file.
  12. After this, a message will be displayed on your screen about the same. Click OK to proceed.
  13. Click the Start button once again to begin the installation process.
  14. Wait for the process to complete. At the end of the process, you should see a PASS message inside JOdin. If you see FAILED, well, something’s wrong.

Once the process completes, reboot your device. Please note that the first boot might take some time; it is expected and nothing to worry.

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