iPhone Case Makers Are Betting The Giant Camera Bump Leaks Are Right

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

With just a few months left for the launch of the new iPhone 11, we are now barged with leaks and rumors. These rumors about the new iPhone started in the month of January and it will continue till we have the official device. The latest leaks are courtesy of Slashleaks and Sonny Dickson. They have released a pic of the case renders that suggests how the camera bump in the new iPhone would look like.

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Source: Slash Leaks

There is a lot to talk about in these leaks. If it is to be believed, then we might be having an ugly camera bump for a smartphone (might not be ugly for some Android manufacturers as their only goal is to copy Apple left and right). We can see a massive square camera bump housing 3 cameras which are placed in a triangular shape. These are being rumored for months but case makers get their hands on renders first than any other which give credibility to this leak.

Source: Sonny Dickson

Of course, anything until the official release is just rumored as it might be the case makers to have a product ready ahead of launch. But, by the looks of it, myself being a tech enthusiast and critic, did not find this camera bump an elegant design as compared to what we expect from Apple. However, nothing is yet confirmed and these are just mere leaks and we have to wait until September when we will have our hands on the official device. Stay tuned to ThemeFoxx for more updates on such news.

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