iPhone 6s is ‘Incredible’, says Apple in new marketing campaign

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Apple, after starting its manufacturing unit in India, has started off its latest marketing campaign. They are pushing the Made In India marketing campaign to promote their old iPhone 6s which is made in the Indian manufacturing plants of Apple. In the new ad (see the picture above) you can see that they have signified the low price and the Made In India campaign.

Apple started the manufacturing of the iPhone 6s way back in June last year. Apple supplier Winstron first received approval for its iPhone plant in India in March of the same year, starting production of the iPhone SE in the country. It was first reported by The Verge. This old and last iPhone with a headphone jack promises a 12MP camera, 4k video, retina HD display, and the A9 bionic chipset.

Moreover, according to a report by 9to5mac, the company is also planning to start manufacturing the premium and high-end smartphones in India. This could be a piece of great news for Apple mobile lovers in the country. But, in other report 9to5mac casts doubt on the plans.

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You can check the tweet by Varun Krishnan who first spotted this ad;


Apple has previously also struggled to survive in India. What I think the reason for their struggle is that they are bringing in older smartphones in India. Indian Consumers are now well aware of the latest happenings in the tech world. And, we also have a lot of customers who can spend a huge sum of money to buy the latest tech. Whatever may be the reason but it is a start for Apple in India to manufacture here locally. Who knows, we might also be able to see Apple manufacturing their premium phones directly in India in the near future.

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