8 Best Internet Text Messaging Apps for Android

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

We are more or less dependent on the network coverage provided by our telecom providers. And we are quite aware that, due to the exponential increase in the sale of smartphones, the network issues have started to prevail and we see more frequent call drops, low internet speeds, etc.

But we are not bounded to use the internet facility provided by our network carriers. Internet facilities are available via WiFi, Fibre Net, USB Dongles and other means which has given us efficient and effective ways of connecting to friends and families. The international call rates provided by our network providers are also too high which also makes it convenient to use internet-based messaging and calling applications. The added bonus is we get seamless connectivity at high speeds and also better voice qualities using WiFi.

Let’s check out some of the best online texting apps available for Android/iOS.

8 Best Free Online Texting App

If you are looking for reliable, no-nonsense internet text messaging apps to make the most out of instant messaging, then here is our list of best internet text messaging apps for Android.

  1. WhatsApp 

    WhatsApp the most common and by far the best social messaging app that is available in the Google Play Store. This app is not only a master at text messaging but also provides features like video calling, media sharing, document sharing, location sharing to name a few. WhatsApp has grown so much in popularity that now you can download the installation file and directly chat via your laptop or desktop. To chat on the go, you can also use the web version of WhatsApp, where you do not need to install any software.internet-messaging-apps-android-WhatsApp This app also features Group video calls where you can add up to 4 people. Whatsapp groups can be formed where you can add up to 256 people from your contacts. With so many frequent updates, Whatsapp is just unmatchable in terms of features it has to offer. It even has an app for business professionals called WhatsApp for Business. This versatility has made this app the best available app in the Android/iOS for messaging and sharing content. It does work with your mobile carrier also and the fact that it uses less data to send and receive messages also makes it “Data Efficient” messaging app.

  2. Viber 

    Viber was launched in 2010 and is still one of the popular apps in likes of Whatsapp. It has more or less the same features as the WhatsApp.internet-messaging-apps-android-ViberVideo and other media files can be shared instantly using Viber. It features full synchronization with desktops and tablets. You can also avail the Viber out feature which allows the user to make low-cost calls to people who do not have Viber installed on their device and even on landlines. You can also start a Secret Chat where you can set a manual timer. The fun thing is that the messages once read are deleted automatically from the recipient’s phone. It also offers to form a Viber Community where you can have unlimited members in that group.

  3. Facebook Messenger 

    We all are on Facebook and we love the fact that it allows us to be close to our friends and families. This messenger app allows us to be connected and continue our conversation with our loved ones via an app.

    The best feature is that your mobile phone number does not have to be registered. You can connect with any person in the world if they have an account on Facebook. In also has an in-app game, and the UI is also minimal. It has the same characteristics as Viber and Whatsapp. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger also has a feature which is exclusive only for the US where you can receive or send money via your credit or debit card details or by adding a PayPal account.

  4. IMO 

    It features a simple user interface with minimal settings that get you up and running this app on your phone. It may not be as feature loaded as other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Viber but it definitely gets the job done with less clutter.internet-messaging-apps-android-IMOIMO serves the purpose of internet calling and chatting for those who live on or stay in the Middle East part of the world. Countries like Qatar have banned the use of such social media messaging apps and IMO is the only acceptable WiFi text calling app.

  5. Kakaotalk

    internet-messaging-apps-android-KakaoTalkWhat separates this app from others is that it features Group Video call for up to 5 members. It also features voice filters of Talking Tom and Talking Ben which makes voice calls fun.  It is available in 15 languages and has around 150 million users worldwide. It also offers seamless connectivity across various operating systems and Android/iOS wears. One of the downsides of this app is the lack of a reliable end to end encryption.

  6. Text Me

    TextFree-User-InterfaceText Me is an application which is mainly suited for people residing in the US and Canada region. It allows free unlimited calls or texts without any credit but to be able to send free SMS, you need to have credits. You can gain credits by watching videos on this app. You can get a dedicated UK mobile number for signing up on this app. it also offers tons of stickers and emoticons and also Android Wear support. Talking about aesthetics it does give you a clean UI but the presence of ads is annoying.

  7. Signal Private Messenger

    SignalThe Signal App is the best WiFi texting and calling app you need if you are committed to security and privacy. If you and the receiver have the same security concerns, this app could be the best option available on Play Store. Signal has nearly all the same advantages and all the features of WhatsApp but it is more secure and provides solid end to end encryption. It clears your messages after a brief period of time so, for people who want to retain their messages for a longer period might find this as a disadvantage. It also does not support tablets as of now which are expected to be included in the future updates.

  8. textPlus: Free Text & Calls

    textPlusThis app has the same features as of Text Me app. It offers unlimited messaging and calling to US and Canada or any country across the globe. The app does show ads which can be removed by buying the subscription. You also earn credits for making calls. This app also has other basic features of messaging, voicemail. media sharing, etc. As this app provides a real phone number on sign up, this might come in handy for travelers who want a temporary number to connect to people without spending a dime or people who want a private second number for themselves.

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With the presence of internet around us, these applications provide us more efficient and effective means of communication. They are also cost-saving, time-saving and also provides better services with their great features. In my opinion, no app among the above-mentioned apps comes close to WhatsApp due to its obvious features and the presence of more people on this application as almost every other person does have WhatsApp installed on their device. That does not rule out the benefits of other apps but WhatsApp is the game changer when it comes to evolving the internet communication medium.

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  1. The best ever instant messenger is a Telegram.
    There is no alternative to it.
    To use such shit as a Facebook trash can and Watsapp bought by it – not respect yourself.
    And KakaoTalk is popular only in Korea. What is the use of the messenger, in which there is no one to communicate.


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