How to Install ViPER4Android on Galaxy Note 8 [Snapdragon & Exynos]

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

ViPER4Android is probably the best audio mod available for Android devices at the moment. Today, we will see how to install ViPER4Android on Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 and (opens in a new window)ViPER4Android are one hell of a combo. With this guide, you can download ViPER4Android for Galaxy Note 8; for both Snapdragon and Exynos versions.

Samsung really hit a home run with the Galaxy Note 8 this year. Galaxy Note 8 has everything a typical smartphone user excepts on a smartphone. A top of the line camera, powerful processor, external memory support, wireless fast charging, an industry leading display and it also comes with a stylus for crying out loud. Samsung gave everything they had with the Note 8. And they should; given the huge backfire they faced with the Galaxy Note 7, it’s not a surprise. The phone also comes with AKG headphones which are perfect. Now, if you have been looking for a way to improve the audio experience on the Galaxy Note 8, ViPER4Android is probably what you should be looking into.

In this article, we have a detailed installation guide for those who are looking to install ViPER4Android on Note 8. Do note, we have a guide for both the Snapdragon variant as well as the Exynos variant.

Install ViPER4Android on Galaxy Note 8

Any Android power user who’s worth his salt would have heard about the legendary ViPER4Android Audio Mod available for Android devices. Nowadays, we have several different audio mods such as DOLBY Audio Mod, ARISE Sound Systems Audio Mod but ViPER4Android will always have a special place.

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ViPER4Android has garnered quite a bit of fan following over the years. So much so that there are some users who root their Android device just to get the audio mod on their device.

Thanks to the XDA Senior Member Paradoxumical, we can now enjoy ViPER4Andriod on Galaxy Note 8. By installing this ViPER4Android Mod on Note 8, you would get systemwide ViPER4Android FX and ViPER4Android XHiFi.

Download ViPER4Android for Galaxy Note 8

You can download ViPER4Andorid for Galaxy Note 8 [Exynos and Snapdragon] by clicking below:


  1. Make a complete backup of your device proceeding.
  2. This mod is only for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 [Both Samsung and Exynos Versions]. Has not been tested on other devices.
  3. Your Galaxy Note 8 must be rooted. TWRP is optional.

Steps to Install ViPER4Android on Galaxy Note 8

  1. Make sure you have root.
  2. Download Flashfire from Google Play Store by clicking below: 
    [root] FlashFire
    Price: Free
  3. If you have TWRP installed, you can ignore the above step.
  4. Installing BusyBox: Next step is to install BusyBox. Download the BusyBox app by clicking below: 
    Price: Free
  5. Open the app and grant root access when prompted.
  6. Make sure BusyBox is being installed on the below path:

  7. Freezing Incompatible AppsWe need to freeze the below two apps which will cause a problem with this mod:
    1. Adapt Sound
    2. SoundAlive

    To do this, download the ‘Titanium Backup’ (or any similar app you prefer) from Google Play Store by clicking below: 

  8. Open the app > Search for the above-mentioned apps ‘Adapt Sound‘ and ‘SoundAlive‘ and freeze them.
  9. Flashing the ViPER4Android Zip file: Make sure you have downloaded the ViPER4Android Zip file for Note 8 from the downloads section above.
    Depending on whether you have TWRP or Flashfire, follow the below guide:Flashing via FlashFire:
    1. Open the FlashFire App.
    2. Grant Root access when prompted.
    3. Tap on the Red Plus Button at the bottom right corner > Select ‘Flash ZIP or OTA‘ > Select the downloaded ViPER4Android zip file > Tap on the Tick Mark at the top right corner to flash ViPER4Android on Galaxy Note 8.

    Flashing via TWRP:

    1. Reboot your Note 8 into TWRP Recovery.
    2. Tap on ‘Install’ > Select the downloaded ViPER4Android zip file > Flash the same.Install-ViPER4Android-Galaxy-Note-8-TWRP
  10. Reboot your device after flashing the above zip.
  11. Grant root permissions to both FX and XHiFi. [You might have to uninstall the FX driver within the in-app settings to trigger this, if so, simply reflash the ZIP after having done so and reboot]
  12. Done, enjoy!

This is the easiest way to install ViPER4Android on Galaxy Note 8. Enjoy the superior audio quality on your device!

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  1. thanks for this guide..v4a works how can you help with Dolby atmos axon 7 port or any Dolby version…i gone to the ends of earth to find a way of doing it and always end up in boot loops.does it mean Dolby atmos doesn’t work for note 8 oreo?please help.


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