Guide To Install TWRP Recovery Using Odin For Samsung Devices

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Installing TWRP Recovery on a Samsung device is quite a bit different when compared to other devices. If you are looking to install TWRP on Samsung devices, we have the easiest guide for you. Read ahead to know how to install TWRP on Samsung Devices using Odin.

Odin is a PC software that is used in updating or flashing firmware in Samsung devices and so it was used in Samsung service centers for the same. Odin was not meant for the public, but thanks to the enthusiasts who use the software and share its usage. New Samsung devices come with the most updated version of Android. The recently released Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus come with Android Oreo out of the box.  For any typical customer, the ‘Samsung Experience’ which is the combination of stock Android and minimal user interface from Samsung is more than what they wish for. But for people who wanted to take the device to another level then you should flash the custom ROM’s so that you can have the ‘super access’ permissions on your device. For doing all these you have to install third-party applications such as Odin, TWRP etc.

What is TWRP Recovery?

TWRP is a touch-based open-source software custom recovery image for Android devices. It was initially developed for Nexus devices and then it got developed for many other Android-based smartphones. It delivers touch-screen enabled interface that helps users to install third-party firmware and other features like the back-up. Team Win created TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP). There are both official and third-party builds of TWRP. You can download TWRP from their official repository and also from XDA forums where you can get all the updates for TWRP.

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  • Enable OEM unlock. To enable OEM Unlock, first, you should go to settings and enable Developer Options. And then again go to Settings > Developer options > OEM unlock. 
  • Download latest Odin.
  • Download the ‘.tar’ file of TWRP for your Samsung device [ Odin flashable TWRP recovery file ]
  • Backup all the data.
  • Charge the device to at least 60%. If the phone gets switched off due to the lack of charge while it’s recovery operation it can brick your phone.
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Steps to flash TWRP Using Odin

  1. Unzip the Odin file that you have downloaded and run the Odin3 v3.12.3.exe file on your PC.
  2. Boot your device into Download mode.  To do this first you should turn off your phone. Then click and hold on Home + power + volume down buttons simultaneously.
  3. After switching your device to download mode, connect your device to the PC using the USB cable. You should get an ‘Added’ notification in the Odin window of the PC.
  4. Select the AP tab on the Odin window and click on ‘.tar ‘ file that you have downloaded to your device. [Note: Do not click on other options in the Odin window because it may lead to faulty conditions].
  5. Click on the start button of the Odin and wait for the process to get finished. When the process is finished you will see the notification in the Odin window.
  6. Your device will get rebooted when the flashing operation is finished by Odin.
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If you are using a Samsung Galaxy device, you can follow the below steps to boot your device into TWRP recovery mode.

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Press and hold on the power + Home + Volume up button until you see the device logo. Then release the buttons. Now your Samsung Galaxy device will automatically reboot into TWRP recovery mode.

This is the easiest way to install TWRP using ODIN on Samsung Galaxy devices.

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