How to Install OTA Update on Pixel 2 with Systemless Root

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Installing OTA updates on rooted phones might be tricky. If you own a Pixel 2 with Systemless Root, looking for a way to install an OTA update then this guide is for you. In this guide, you will learn how to install the OTA update on Pixel 2 with systemless root installed.

While most users keep their devices unrooted, there are still many who root their Android devices. They may be many reasons for it: ad blocking, getting rid of bloatware, installing pods, etc. There are quite a lot of advantages of rooting Android devices. But there is one big disadvantage – installing OTA updates can be a pain with root. Fortunately, if you have rooted your Pixel 2 with Systemless Root, then this should not be a big issue; there’s a quick trick to install OTA on Pixel 2 with systemless root.

Install OTA on Pixel 2 with Systemless Root

Systemless root methods are becoming a trend these days. Systemless root is different from the traditional root wherein the systemless root method (like magisk), the actual Android system is always unmodified. The traditional rooting method modifies the Android system files and hence when you try to install OTA, the process will fail (even after you try it post unrooting your device). But with systemless root, we can easily install OTA updates.

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  1. Having a systemless root is not the only qualifying criterion. You must have any other root apps or mods installed which would modify the system files.
  2. If you have made any manual changes that permanently alter the Android System, this process will not work.

Steps to Install OTA on Pixel 2 with Systemless Root

In this guide, we are going to consider Magisk to explain the steps. But the process should be similar for other systemless methods such as SuperSU as well. Note that this process will unroot your device but you can easily get your systemless root back.

  1. Open Magisk Manager. Tap on Uninstall option at the bottom.Install-Pixel-2-OTA-Update-Systemless-Root-Uninstall-Magisk
  2. You will get a popup asking for confirmation. In this tap on the RESTORE IMAGES option.Install-Pixel-2-OTA-Update-Systemless-Root-Restore-Boot-Image
  3. Wait for the restoration process to complete.
  4. Go to Settings > System > System Update.
  5. Start the OTA update process.
  6. Wait for the process to complete.
  7. Tap on the Restart Now to Update option
  8. Wait for the OTA update installation to complete.
  9. Done!
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If you are going to need root, you need to download and flash Magisk via TWRP Recovery which is a pretty easy process. Whenever you get an OTA update, you can easily install the OTA updates on Pixel 2 with Systemless Root by following this simple guide.

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