Install ARISE Sound Systems MOD on Any Android

Looking to install a great sound mod on your Android device for an enhanced audio experience? Look no further, ARISE Sound Systems Audio Mod is the one you are looking for. In this article, we will tell you how you can install ARISE Sound Systems Audio Mod on Any Android device for a great audio experience.

Most of the Android manufacturers do not pay attention to what the customer actually needs. If you have ever visited any OEM support forums, you would know what I am talking about. While manufacturers concentrate a great deal on the display, camera, and processor, they seem to forget the one thing that most people really care about – the way they listen to music on their phones. LG seems to give some importance to this subject area and the outcome is the LG V Series Smartphones which ship with dedicated audio DAC. For the rest of us, well, we are gonna have to make do with some great audio mods for now. Today, we will see how to install ARISE Sound Systems Magnum Opus Audio Mod on Any Android device so that you can enjoy the music on your device!

Install ARISE Sound System Any Android 1 • Install ARISE Sound Systems MOD on Any Android

ARISE Sound Systems

All the credits for this amazing sound mod go to the developer A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems. A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems™ is a universal audio mod which can be installed on any Android device with root and custom recovery. According to the developer, the mod is looking to deliver a top-shelf audio experience beyond anything available anywhere with unmatched support in device compatibility and assistance to users. To quote the developer, you can ‘Experience a new level of sound modification through the most premium mobile audio sound systems ever made available.’


  • Root access.
  • A Custom Recovery.
  • Sufficient space in the ‘/system’ partition. Preferably 300+ MB.
  • Patience 😉

How to install ARISE Sound Systems on Any Android

  1. First, download the ARISE Sound Systems Magnum Opus Edition by clicking below: Download ARISE Sound Systems Audio Mod
  2. After downloading, make sure to copy the downloaded file to the Internal Storage of your device. How-to-install-ARISE-Sound-Systems-Any-Android
  3. You can use any file explorer of your choice, we are using the MiXplorer which you can download by clicking below: 
  4. Open the file explorer. Go to Internal Storage > Open the ARISE Sound Systems Zip file [Simply tap on it].
  5. Go to ‘/getting_started/your_system‘ folder. How-to-install-ARISE-Sound-Systems-Any-Android
  6. Here you will find a file named ‘arise_customize.prop‘. Copy it to the Internal Storage of your device. How-to-install-ARISE-Sound-Systems-Any-Android
  7. Tap on it to open via a text editor. We are using the one that came with the MiXplorer itself.
  8. The reason why we are opening this is to configure which modules we want to install on our phone. The ARISE Sound Systems Audio mod comes with a lot of Audio mod options.
  9. After opening the ‘arise_customize.prop‘ file, scroll down until you see the lines ‘install.core=‘. This line indicates the core module of the ARISE Sound Systems. Add a text ‘true’ right next to the equal to symbol. After adding, the text should look like ‘install.core=true‘. Refer screenshot below.
  10. After that, scroll further down and you will see several other similar lines. Below is the list of other lines that you should consider:
    install.magiskcompatibility= [for Magisk Compatibility]
    install.v4a_2.5.0.5= [for ViPER4Arise™ module]
    install.v4a_2.3.4.0= [for ViPER4Arise™ module]
    install.v4a_profiles= [for ViPER4Arise™ Profiles module]
    install.ddplus= [for Dolby Digital Plus™ module]
    install.atmos= [for Dolby Atmos™ module]
    install.am3d= [for AM3D ZIRENE® module]
    install.arkamys= [for Arkamys™ Audio module] [for Sony™ Xperia XZ Music Suite module]
    install.v4a_xhifi= [for ViPER4Android XHiFi module]
    install.esira= [for Esira™ Media Player module]
    install.musicfx= [for AOSP MusicFX module]
    install.dirac= [for Dirac™ Power Sound module]
  11. From the above list, whichever module you want to install, simply add ‘true’ right next to the ‘=’. I am just going to install ‘ViPER4Arise™ module’. Hence, I just added ‘true’ right next to it [install.v4a_2.5.0.5=true]. After choosing the modules [adding ‘true’], simply save the file and exit.
  12. Once the above process is done, reboot your device into TWRP recovery mode.
  13. Tap on ‘Install’ > Select the ARISE Sound Systems Zip file > ‘Swipe right to confirm flash’. TWRP-flash-zip
  14. Reboot your device once done.
  15. Enjoy!

Congratulations, you have successfully installed ARISE Sound Systems Audio Mod on your device. Enjoy the superior audio quality on your device!

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