Instagram Will Soon Let You Appeal Post Takedowns

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Instagram has provided frequent updates to let the users report posts that violate the policies and guidelines. Taking this feature forward and integrating Artificial Intelligence with it, Instagram is going to roll out a new feature. This would let the user appeal and takedown violating content and also request to review any content that was taken down. This feature will be available within the app.

To thoroughly inspect the photos and videos, any appeal for a post takedown would be inspected by a different reviewer other than the one who made the original decision.

According to Instagram, an in-app appeal tool would first launch to report just individual posts starting with nudity and then expand to other areas later on.

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Moreover, there will be an option to restore the posts that were takedown due to wrong reviewing. The viral posts will also be run with the Facebook fact-checkers in order to tackle hate, conspiracy theories, and misinformation.

Further, Instagram said that the combination of AI with human reviews will help to keep the app more secure and provide more safety to the users.

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